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KRYPSA, Laman Polo(A) win in 1st Imphal West Polo Tournament

The First Imphal West District Polo Tournament 2021 was organised by MHRPA at Awang Potshangbam Khullen Lampak.

ByIFP Sports Correspondent

Updated on 13 Dec 2021, 3:47 pm

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KRYPSA Polo Team, Naoremthong edged out SAN Polo Club, Langing by 5-4 goals in the First Imphal West District Polo Tournament 2021 organised by MHRPA at Awang Potshangbam Khullen Lampak.

SAN started on a strong note in the first chukker, striking home three goals with M Hero hitting in two goals while K Lamjingba fetched one goal for the lead. But KRYPSA soon caught up in the next chukker with Swarna K scoring two goals to close the gap.

As the tempo of the game picked up in the third chukker, SAN rider Th. Tiken push home one goal, which turns out their last as well, as they crashes out of the tournament being played on a knock out basis.

For the KRYPSA team, Swarna K and Leibakmacha fetched one goal each in the third chukker and Challamba came up with the winning goal in the fourth chukker.

The other match between Laman Polo(A) and Hundred Able Rider saw the former getting a walkover point as the latter failed to show up for the match.


First published:13 Dec 2021, 3:47 pm


IFP Sports Correspondent

IFP Sports Correspondent

Sports Bureau, Imphal, Manipur

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