Khogen Khoibam

Cinema’s lost rhapsody

The age of cinema will be turning 124 years this December if it is counted from the first ever screening of Lumière brothers' short films in Paris in 1895. The journey has been tremendously beautiful with timeless visual memories. Now, the status of cinem.....

Guns and guts

People read, write, dance, sing, do carpentry, sell things and what not for the interest and survival. Everyone works for a living but the process differs. Eventually, some make big money and some remain on the track to become rich, and the major differen.....

Critically bombastic

From the spoken words or assurances to the main results, everything has to be precise enough so that the governance is not disturbed to go on smoothly. However, things are getting pretty ugly more often and the public are left with no option to raise any .....

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Mass casual leave paralyses schools

Teachers storm the Directorate of Education(S), Lamphelpat

Edn director assures to send proposals for ROP rectifications by Monday IMPHAL | Jul 20 The normal functioning of government schools was paralysed today in Day-1 of mass casual leave protest by the teachers against downgrading of pay scale for teach.....

21-Jul-2019 / A Staff Reporter

High Court stays criminal proceedings against IFP in trial court

IMPHAL | Jul 20 The High Court of Manipur today issued notice and suspended the proceedings of the trial pending before the Session Judge Imphal (west) in the criminal complaint case lodged by the Chief Minister of Manipur against Imphal Free Press (IF.....

21-Jul-2019 / A Staff Reporter

Democracy cannot be suppressed, says ex-CM Ibobi

IMPHAL | Jul 20 Value of democracy is already degraded under the BJP government, but suppressing the voice of the people and democratic values will not last long since people also keep a close eye in the activities of the present government. This st.....

21-Jul-2019 / A Staff Reporter

There are lapses in hostel management : Principal

Principal and founder of Standard Robarth Higher Pheiroijam Landhoni speaks to media person

CM assures to solve the case immediately IMPHAL | Jul 20 Principal and founder of Standard Robarth Higher Secondary School, Canchipur, Pheiroijam Landhoni said the unfortunate incident occurred and that the headmistress and the faculty shares the gr.....

21-Jul-2019 / A Staff Reporter

Bomb found along CM’s travel route

Bomb found along CM’s travel route

IMPHAL | Jul 20 In what could have been a planned attack on chief minister N Biren Singh, an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) weighing 7 kgs was found by a sniffer dog of the Assam Rifles today morning. As per reliable sources, the IED was found plant.....

21-Jul-2019 / A Staff Reporter