Basu: Positivity-personified

Basu is enlightened enough to perceive there lies absolutely no utility in crying over unavoidable matters how agonising it may seem.

ByKajal Chatterjee

Updated on 29 Nov 2021, 9:02 am

Representational Image (Photo: Pixabay)

Representational Image (Photo: Pixabay)


As the about-to-retire person handed all of us a large packet of sweet delicacies few days before his final bow from office as token gesture of his deep affection; I got remembered of the adage "Sweet candies are nice to eat, Sweet words are easy to say, but Sweet people are hard to find".

Indeed Basu is one of a kind --- HARD TO FIND!

By drawing inspiration from Sunil Gavaskar's description of Mohinder Amarnath --- "Courage, thy name is Jimmy"; there lies no hesitation for me to stress that Basu is another name of Positivity i.e.,  Positivity-personified.

Performing the job of polling officials perhaps remains one of the most thankless jobs of the society. Apart from the Himalayan pressure of adhering to various protocols and paperwork meticulously for two days; the officials have to face various ordeals right from transportation fooding electricity to toilets. There lies every chance of violence and chaos as well. So when most of the folks used to get frustrated or anxious on getting appointed; he used to maintain a calm demeanour, perform the preparatory homework and proceed to the reporting centre on the designated day.

Perhaps in one Wednesday, out of the blue, a direction arrived to proceed for a Computer-related training on approaching Friday and Saturday. Since it was not notified in advance, pre-scheduled programmes of many went for a toss. Naturally frustrations were expressed by almost all. But Basu took it in his stride as usual and remained at the furthest distance from expressing any disgust.

Actually, unlike many including yours truly, Basu is enlightened enough to perceive there lies absolutely no utility in crying over unavoidable matters how agonising it may seem. So when the ball of life needs to negotiated however vicious it may be, let's play it with head held high with due preparation and confidence --- this is vintage Basu!

Life is not a bed of roses, rather of thorns. Each and every living being has to undergo a lot of grief, sorrow, tension and conflict almost throughout the lifetime. Along with joy and success, the obstacles of life are also inevitable. But it is generally witnessed that people focus only on their respective woes instead of drawing inspiration from the opportunities they have received or receiving from life. Moreover they try to project themselves as the "most unfortunate" souls of the earth by constantly harping on their problems and struggle; perhaps to draw sympathy from others! As a member of this very society, Basu surely has his share of problems, sufferings and tragedy. But in the last 22 years; never have I witnessed him expressing any sort of complaints or emitting sigh of frustration,  never have I seen him taking a single step towards pessimism --- be it through verbal or body language. 365 days of the year he is in his usual calm composed exterior transmitting rays of positivity and confidence.

In Satyajit Ray's swan song-cum-masterpiece 'Agantuk' , the protagonist Manomohan Mitra(played by legendary Utpal Dutta) had offered a parting advice to the child of his host --- "Never be a Koop Mundak (frog in the well)". In these times of cultural decadence with minds turning increasingly closed, commercialised and self-serving; Basu remains a very bright exception in this regard. Far from remaining 'Koop Mundak', he has kept his eyes, ears, mind and consciousness wide open so as to welcome all the goodness still existing in the society. Good books, good songs, good films, good art works have found themselves welcome in the heart of Basu. Be it politics or sports --- he remains thoroughly updated about it as a responsible conscious citizen. No wonder his enthusiasm towards quiz contests --- both as a participant and audience --- is seen to be believed! And of course as a worker, his jobs were absolutely meticulous, neat and sincere. By residing at the furthest distance from addiction of smoking or drinking, he leads the life on healthy terms.

Friendly towards compatriots, respectable towards seniors, loving towards juniors --- Basu is in the midst of all both in times of joy or sorrow. Marriage receptions to funeral saga, picnics to office function --- always he is in the forefront taking care of all.

Once due to a sudden spasm on my foot while in office, I was writhing in pain. As the news reached him, he rushed towards me with a crepe bandage and despite being almost 10 years my senior in age, Basu started tying it on my bare foot by bending down. Yes, I believe in God, but I perceive the grace of the Almighty within good human beings and there lies no hesitation in me to admit that in that particular moment, I had seen the God in Basu and receiving his blessings. Indeed Basu had lived up to his name very literally --- 'Debasish' (Blessings of God)!

First published:29 Nov 2021, 9:02 am


Kajal Chatterjee

Kajal Chatterjee

Special Contributor, KOLKATA, West Bengal

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