Making effort to turn Manipur Cultural University into full-fledged Central university: MP Leishamba Sanajaoba

Manipur MP Leishamba Sanajaoba, speaking at the release of Manipuri feature film ‘Ima Machet, Icha Tangkhai’ in Imphal, urged people to love his or her culture and traditions and respect that of others.

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Updated 8 Nov 2021, 4:01 pm

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Rajya Sabha MP Leishamba Sanajaoba on Sunday encouraged people to apply positive messages conveyed by films, dramas or shumang leelas in real life instead of imitating the luxurious lifestyles and appearances portrayed by the actors.

The MP was speaking as the chief guest during the release of Manipuri feature film ‘Ima Machet, Icha Tangkhai’ at the MFSDS, Palace Gate, Imphal.

The film, directed by Kh Homeshwori, was based on the lives of children who were raised in different environments. It was produced by Ch Khumanleima under the banner of Luwang Films Production.

Almost all films and other arts forms give specific messages, Sanajaoba said and stressed the public to apply the message to one’s life as it will be very helpful in moving the society towards development.


Expressing his concern for the artistes of Manipur regarding the lack of having a good platform, he said that the artistes are giving their full dedication to entertain the viewers despite the challenges. He is pressing the Centre at his best level to convert the Manipur Cultural University into a full-fledged Central university.

Sanajaoba also expressed the need for giving more time for recreational and physical activities to children as confining them to only academic education will lessen their cognitive development as well as physical fitness.

The MP further pointed out that morals and discipline among the youths of the present era are degrading due to lack of proper and right ways of guidance.

In order to inculcate a sense of discipline among the youths, there is a need of educating them on the various traditions and culture which the people of Manipur have been following since time immemorial, he added.

“We should go with the flow of development and at the same time, continue to follow our traditions and culture, which are a part of our identity,” said the MP.

Sanajaoba lastly wished all the crew and cast of the film a grand success and lauded the child artist Luwangthoibi Chanu for playing a double role in her debut.


Director of Social Welfare Ng Uttam while speaking as president of the function pointed out that the various performing arts such as shumang leelas, dramas, and feature films play a big role in bringing an emotional integration among the society, which is a key to development.

Speaking on the aspects of the importance of arts and culture in terms of sustainable development, he appealed to the public to love his or her culture and traditions and at the same time respect others’ culture and traditions as well.

Director, artists and crew members of the film team were also felicitated during the function, which was also attended by production controller of Luwang Films Production Namoijam Tomba as guest of honour.

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First published:8 Nov 2021, 3:49 am


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