Kuki feature film 'Lonlhi-The Tears' released

The film was released by Kangpokpi MLA Nemcha Kipgen on the occasion of Ningol Chakouba at Mandap Hall at Kangpokpi town.

ByKangpokpi Correspondent

Updated 8 Nov 2021, 6:13 pm

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Kangpokpi MLA Nemcha Kipgen has released a Kuki feature film "Lonlhi-The Tears" on the occasion of Ningol Chakouba at Mandap Hall at Kangpokpi town.

Kuki superstar Paolien Kom starrer the "Lonlhi-The Tears", directed by the actor himself, also features Letlenchung, more popularly known as Boichung Lupho along with Thangminlal Haokip, Sishi Touthang, Sana Lienthang and Jessica Chongloi.

Introducing Kakai Mate, a promising Kuki actor, the first Neihsiel film production Lonlhi also features Boithem Hangshing as the child artiste while Merina Haokip, Chingte Mate, Kimneilhing Haokip play the supporting role.


Nemcha Kipgen graced the releasing ceremony of the film as chief guest while Paominthang Kipgen, Advisor Kuki Film Development Corporation, and Thanglensei Kipgen, Chairman Thadou Inpi Kangpokpi District attended as Guest of Honour and Functional President respectively.

Stating that hard work and dedication always pays off, the MLA said that ‘everyone can work hard but only those who have the determination and drive do achieve greatness’. Through hard work, even the mediocre can achieve success, Nemcha added.

Lauding Paolien Kom, the MLA said that films have a unique and powerful ubiquity within human culture and is a powerful medium for educating or indoctrinating citizens while the visual basis of film gives it a universal power of communication.

The MLA, while acknowledging the hardships and grievances faced by the film industry especially among the tribal owing to lack of marketing, exhorted the Actor-Director to maintain quality work as it will definitely get a big market.

She also assured to help him and the film industry as and when needed while encouraging the Kuki film industry to focus on motivational film, constructive motto-based film, women empowerment, awareness on drugs, etc. for a meaningful impact in the society.

The theme song of the film, "Kamitna Lonlhi, iding bol twi vei bang veijing nahitam kei hinkho'a" (O...tears in my eyes, why did you keep dwelling like a pond in my life), beautifully sung by an acclaimed Kuki singer Mimin Haokip has become the blockbuster and household song in the town.


The actor and director Paolien Kom while highlighting the various hardships and grievances during the making of the film, conveyed sincere gratitude to all his crew members, actors and actresses, technical staff, singers, and everyone involved in the successful making of the film.

He also thanked the local MLA Nemcha, and other guests for their enthusiastic support and the local populace of Kangpokpi for the wonderful response while conveying gratitude to the local bodies and committee for the successful release of the film.

The film, written and directed by the actor Paolien Kom himself and edited by Franky Suantak, tells the story of true friendships, true love, a family story of a poor boy who become an IPS officer after losing all his beloved family including a widowed mother, a mute sister, and minor sister and his beloved girlfriend.

The story shows that in life tragedies and miseries accompany some people whose tears have never had a moment to dry.



First published:8 Nov 2021, 6:13 pm


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Kangpokpi Correspondent

Kangpokpi Correspondent

KANGPOKPI district, Manipur


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