Woman goes missing after 15 days of marriage in Kangpokpi

Father of the missing woman appealed to everyone who ever saw her daughter to immediately report to the nearest police station or to him through his mobile number 6009731703.

ByKangpokpi Correspondent

Updated 13 Nov 2022, 5:41 am

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A newly married woman from Kanglatongbi has reportedly gone missing since Friday evening, after 15 days of marriage, sources said.

According to the missing report lodged at Gamnom Saparmeina Police Station by the missing woman's father, Janga Muktan (48), a resident of Koubru Laikha, Kangpokpi district, her daughter Rosy Muktan (17), who was recently married to Dilip Tamang (22) from Kanglatongbi was found missing since November 11 evening while she went for shopping at Motbung.

Janga Muktan also stated that her daughter was to return at Koubru Laikha after shopping but now that her mobile phone was switched off, her whereabouts is not known till date.


As per the description provided in the missing report, the missing woman is slim, has an oval-shaped face, with a height of 4.11 inches. She wore a green Salwar with pink pants and a brown chapel on the day of the incident.

The father of the missing woman also requested the Officer-in-Charge of Gamnom Saparmeina Police Station to take swift and necessary action.

Meanwhile, Janga Muktan told the media that her daughter Rosy Muktan had eloped with Dilip Tamang, originally from Gopenala village in Senapati district, presently residing at Kanglatongbi, who is a tanker driver by profession barely 15 days before she went missing.

He continued that after their marriage they stayed in a rented house at Kanglatongbi and his daughter came to stay with them at Koubru Laikha with the consent of her husband since he had to go to Assam; being a driver, the husband did not want to leave her alone when he is not at home.

Janga Muktan further said that on November 11, his daughter went shopping at Motbung and her phone was still on when she reached Saparmeina at 2.30 pm.


Interestingly, an auto driver, according to her father, saw her along the Saitu road at around 3 pm near LM School at Khayang village.

He also said that later in the evening, the missing woman called her elder sister at around 8.30 pm and told her not to worry and search for her as she was at her friend's house in Churachandpur and her friend's father had already booked a flight ticket for her and she will go to Bangalore on November 12.

However, Janga Muktan did not believe her daughter.

He appealed to everyone who ever saw her daughter to immediately report to the nearest police station or to him through his mobile number 6009731703.


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Kangpokpi Correspondent

Kangpokpi Correspondent

KANGPOKPI district, Manipur


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