Will not leave anyone behind toward inclusive growth and development: Minister Nemcha Kipgen

The felicitation cum thanksgiving programme for Nemcha Kipgen organised by Ngahmun village authority was attended by representatives of all communities across 50-Kangpokpi AC.

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Updated 2 Apr 2022, 3:18 pm

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Reiterating her promise made in the election campaign, Textiles, Commerce and Industry, and Cooperation Minister Nemcha Kipgen on Saturday assured to pull the strings of all communities and will not leave anyone behind toward inclusive growth and development in her assembly constituency Kangpokpi, as she was grandly feted on Saturday at Ngahmun village.

The felicitation cum thanksgiving programme organised by Ngahmun village authority was attended by representatives of all communities across 50-Kangpokpi AC.

Civil society organizations of Kangpokpi district from Kuki Inpi to areas and village level Kuki civil bodies, representatives of Naga, Nepali, and Meetei communities, church leaders, village chiefs, women organizations, youth organisations, etc. participated in the event.

Elected MLA of Henglep AC in Churachandpur, Letzamang Haokip, BJP Manipur State Secretary in charge of Sadar Hills, Paokam Haokip, BJP Sadar Hills President Thangjamang Kipgen, BJP Kangpokpi Mandal president Tingnei Lhouvum, BJP Imphal West president Phoni, BJP Bishenpur president Bimola, and other party leaders and workers apart from the Karyakartas also attended the function.

ADC Sadar Hills caretaker chairman Haokholal Hangshing and wife Tingneilhing Hangshing, central election committee, sub election committees, workers and supporters of Minister Nemcha Kipgen from near and far, and the Kangpokpi Town Committee, KWWO, and KYU, also attended the function.

Rev Shyam Sundar Singh invoked thanksgiving and blessing prayer after he anointed oil over the head and hands of the Minister as a mark of blessing and good fortune.


 Addressing the mammoth gathering, Textiles, Nemcha Kipgen said that despite all obstacles, "we have won the election with the highest margin and it was all because of the people's faith in us, and the tireless and sleepless efforts of central and subcommittees, party leaders and Karyakartas".

She said, "It is the blessing of God and the central leaders' love and faith that we have been awarded the cabinet berth to continue our inclusive services to the people".

Keeping in mind the "basic mantra" of the party 'Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayas', I will pull the strings of all communities without leaving anyone behind toward inclusive growth and development as I promised, said the Minister.


Our key mission is to work for the state and the country and its development, the Minister added.


She also said that we shall also work together for the most developed assembly constituency and district in the state, she continued.


The three highest percentage polling stations, namely, Kholjang Polling station (1st), Haijang Polling Station (2nd), J. Songtun Polling Station, and Laloi Polling Station (third) during the election were awarded on the occasion.



The Minister also presented a traditional shawl each and another gift to all her central election committee and sub election committee members, and other workers and supporters during the function.


The Minister was also given the "Nampi Minu" (A nation's mother) title at her felicitation cum thanksgiving ceremony.


Leaders of various apex bodies, districts, and area-wise civil society organizations also spoke on the occasion while prominent Gospel artists enthralled the crowd on the occasion.


A jubilant feast marked the occasion.


First published:2 Apr 2022, 3:18 pm


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Kangpokpi Correspondent

Kangpokpi Correspondent

KANGPOKPI district, Manipur


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