Thousands rally in Imphal to save Manipur

Pledge your loyalty to Manipur and come back: COCOMI

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Updated 30 Jun 2024, 1:35 am


In a call for peace in the violence hit-Manipur, thousands flooded the streets of Imphal on Friday, rallying under the banner of "The walk to save Manipur."

Organised by the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI), the rally drew participants from diverse communities, all united in their call for peace and stability in the region by saving its integrity.

The rally commenced at 10 am from THAU Ground in Thangmeiband and concluded at Khuman Lampak Main Stadium after walking through Khuyathong, Nagamapal, BT Road and North AOC.

While reiterating the rejection of a separate administration COCOMI Advisor L Jadumani said at the meeting, 'Any community including Kukis, Hmars and Paites are welcome in Imphal if they pledge their loyalty to Manipur's territorial integrity.'

The streets echoed with chants of "Long live Manipur" and "We want peace," as people from all walks of life joined hands in a powerful statement of solidarity.

Notably, the rally saw the participation of prominent political figures, including MLA Nishikanta Sapam from Keishamthong AC and MLA Thangjam Arun from Wangkhei AC, among other CSO leaders of Manipur.

In response to the rally many schools and colleges were closed and most of the markets and establishments in the Imphal area remained shut, showing solidarity to the rally.

Additionally a scheduled government programme, which was to be attended by the Chief Minister of Manipur, was also canceled.


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Security was tight, with personnel from both the state and center deployed along the route to ensure the safety and security of the participants.

Their presence and others such as the Manipur Red Cross Society helped maintain order and facilitated the peaceful conduct of the rally.

The rally concluded at Khuman Lampak Main Stadium following a public meeting, where the gathering had taken eight resolutions as a step towards resolving the ongoing challenges revolving around Manipur.

The resolutions include, not compromising the integrity of Manipur for any matter, to immediately stop the alleged attempt of India to eradicate the indigenous, India should immediately stop one sided and communal politics, to deport illegal immigrants and wipe out Chin-Kuki Narco-Terrorist, no SoO agreement for Chin-Kuko Narco-Terrorist, the state and the Centre should take up initiative to implement NRC and wipe out illegal immigrants, no seizing of weapon from village volunteers and combing operation until the war ends, and legislatures should bravely stand to save Manipur.

Speaking on the sidelines of the rally, MLA Sapam Nishikant Singh told the media that the rally was organised for the integrity and unity of Manipur. "Though I am an MLA, first I am a Manipuri. The boundary and integrity of Manipur are non-negotiable. No power on earth can break Manipur. Manipur is not just about boundaries but its culture, history, and people who live here. The valley and hills make Manipur," said Nishikant.

Responding to a query, the MLA said youths in Manipur took up arms to protect their own villages. To end the violence, both communities involved in the crisis should step back.

"The administration is responsible for whatever is happening in Manipur," the MLA said.

General secretary of Kabui Union Manipur (a Naga sub-tribe body), Athoi Kamei, who also participated in the mass rally, told the media at Khuman Lampak that no groups under the power of arms and weapons can demand a separate administration or union territory from Manipur.

No one can make such demands under the pretext of ancestral land or other reasons, he said, adding that instead, the people of Manipur should live unitedly for a developed Manipur.





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