Tamenglong witnessing high cancer cases

A one-day cancer awareness camp was held in Tamenglong.

ByDaniel Kamei

Updated 23 Apr 2023, 4:54 pm

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Tamenglong district has been witnessing increasing number of cancer cases. This was highlighted at a one-day cancer awareness camp in Tamenglong. 

"Tamenglong district is witnessing high cases of various types cancer such as Nasopheryngeal Cancer, oral cancer, throat larynx, lungs, stomach, or colon, etc. Among females, breast, womb and cervical cancers are common," Dr Indibor told the Imphal Free Press on the sidelines of the one-day cancer awareness camp in Tamenglong.

However, awareness, early detection and early treatment are the keys to success in combating the dreadful disease of cancer, according to the doctor. 

The health camp was held at the multipurpose hall at Apollo Group Utopia Tamenglong Ward No I on Saturday.  It was organised by Manipur Oncology Society Imphal in collaboration with district hospital Tamenglong under the sponsorship of Tamenglong assembly constituency MLA Janghemlung Panmei. 


Janghemlung Panmei along with chief medical officer Tamenglong Dr G Majachunglu, leading cancer doctors led by Dr Rajkumar Bikramjit Singh MD Medicine, DM Medical oncologist chairman and director Trevi Hospital, Langol Laimanai, Imphal attended the inaugural session and spoke about the cancer disease. 

Janghemlung thanked all the doctors for their willingness to come to Tamenglong. 

“Knowing about the difficulties of Tamenglong people, they have come despite their busy schedules at their hospitals in Imphal,” added Panmei. 

Early detection, screening, giving free medicine, etc. are part of the camcer awareness health camp held in Tamenglong. 

Well-known oncologist Dr Indibor further stated that in order to prevent cancer, one should know the causes of the dreadful disease. He said the main causes of cancer are consuming tobacco in any form, including smoking, chewing etc. He said 50 per cent of lung cancer is preventable if one stops using tobacco. 


He also informed that other causes of cancer like viral infection, human papilloma, cervical womb cancer, hepatitis B and C, etc. which are caused by viruses can be prevented if one takes vaccines on time. 

“We should avoid eating rotten, preserved or fermented foods such as dry smoked fish or meat, and excessive alcohol,” Dr Indibor said. 

Healthy lifestyles will reduce occurance of cancer, he mentioned. Know the early signs of cancer like painless swelling in neck, or breast or axilla, loss of appetite, fatigue, sudden weight loss, difficulties in swallowing, irregular bowel habits, irregular bleeding after menopause, etc. 

He said that there are no single specific tests or tools to detect cancer as of now. However, some of the best screening tests are conducted through simple UCG, CXR, Endoscopy examination, sputum and faecal cytological tests, he mentioned.  

Early detection and early treatment are the best ways to conquer the cancer disease, he added. Cancer treatment centres like KARKINOS hospital at Porompat, Trevi hospital, RIMS, and JNIMS Imphal provide free treatment if the patient has CMHT and PMJAY health cardS.


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Daniel Kamei

Daniel Kamei

IFP Correspondent, TAMENGLONG


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