Say no to drugs, alcohol consumption during election in Manipur: CADA

CADA on Monday held campaign meeting against consumption of intoxicants during election to ensure peaceful elections in the state.

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Updated on 11 Jan 2022, 5:38 am

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As a part of its campaign against consumption of intoxicants during election, Coalition Against Drugs and Alcohol (CADA) organised a public meeting at Thoubal Kshetri Leikai Haotabi Lampak on Monday.

A release by CADA stated that the public meeting which was jointly organised by CADA, Thoubal District United Women’s Development Organisation (Thoubal Ima) and Kshetri Leikai Apunba Apunba Club, was aimed to spread awareness on the increase in crimes due to the rise in drugs and alcohol abuse in the state.

The event was attended by president of Kshetri Leikai Women’s Development Association Ningthouja Sumo Devi; vice president of CADA Dipanjit Nignthoujam; president of Thoubal Ima Sapam Ongbi Bimola; former councilor, Thoubal Municipal Council Puyam Joteshwor; and former ward member, Thoubal Municipal Council Maibam Shyamananda, it added.

Speaking on the occasion, resource person of the programme general secretary of CADA Geetchandra Mangang said the drug abuse by most of the youth in the state can be traced back to use of alcohol by the father and use of pan (tobacco) by the mother, it said.

Highlighting the damaging effects of liquor on health, Puyam Joteshwor urged the public to quit indulging in liquors and drugs on celebratory occasions, the release asserted.

Urging the public to practice healthy behavior and good work ethics for the wellbeing and development of the state, he said that rather than punishing the addicts, we should inspire and motivate them towards better lives, it added.


First published:11 Jan 2022, 5:38 am


IFP Bureau

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