RK Meghen exhorts to build self-sufficient society in Manipur

RK Meghen was chief guest at the inaugural of a market shed named, ‘Koibi Keithel’ at Ukhongsang in Thoubal district.

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Updated 30 Apr 2022, 6:38 pm

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Former UNLF chairman RK Meghen on Saturday said that the condition of a market is an indicator of the existing economical situation of a community, and urged to build a society which is independent and self-sufficient in terms of food production.

He was speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural of a market shed named, ‘Koibi Keithel’ at Ukhongsang in Thoubal district. The market was constructed in service to the public by Shikhong GP Level Co-operative Societies and family in the name of Maibam Koibi Meitei from Ukhongsang Mamang Leikai. Late Koibi Meitei was an active worker of Orion Club, Ukhongsang.  He passed away on April 30, 1988.

He further said that the markets play a crucial role in the economy of the state. How much a community produces, what types of products are made available, how much is being brought from outside the state etc. can be known by observing a market, he mentioned. “If commodities imported from outside dominate the market and reach the point of taking over all locally produced items, then it is a tell-tale sign that our economy is in a deplorable state,” he said.       

It may be considered that 90 per cent of commodities sold at the market are brought into the state from outside. Therefore, the revenue made by local products are meagre as the maximum expenditure is made while trying to buy commodities brought from outside, he added.  


He said, it is the time for the people to realise that our society largely depends on the economy. Due to lack of funds, some of the government educational institutions have been turned to a local market shed while private schools have been considered as means to make large profits, he added.

“We need a fresh movement where priority is set on living together. We need to create an environment where we become self-sustaining and self-sufficient from our own products. Today, we have become narrow-minded and selfish. The present society is chasing money and is run by capitalists. This has hugely impacted Manipur society. We need to find a way to live together and take decisive action towards it,” he said.

He also raised concern that the farmers have started to consider leaving farming jobs. “They have begun to search for other manual jobs that rely on their physical strength and this shows the power of money. It has brought disorder into society,” he said.  

He said that Koibi envisioned not only a developed Ukhonsang but a developed Manipur. Meghen further said Koibi was a close associate and recalled that he wanted to bring development in the field of sports. He further urged to launch a sports tournament in the name of Koibi.    


Shikhong GP Levelchairman Maibam Ningthempishak urged the public to work together to uplift themselves by working together. He urged them to cooperate and seek support and help to uplift the economy and means of income.  

The occasion was attended by Shikhong GP Level chairman Maibam Ningthempishak and district cooperative officer Thoubal Hidam Tomba Singh.

A statue of late M Koibi Meitei was unveiled and offerings were also made by the attendees of the occasion. 


First published:30 Apr 2022, 6:38 pm


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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