'Remove AFSPA if law and order situation of Manipur has improved'

A one-day Mahilla Congress political convention was organised by Kshetrigao Block Mahilla Congress Committee at Kshetri Bengoon Awang Leikai, Imphal East.

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Updated on 26 Dec 2021, 1:29 pm

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Asserting that the Congress had removed AFSPA from the Greater Imphal area, former MLA Kshetrigao assembly constituency Amin Shah on Saturday demanded removal of AFSPA from the entire state if the law and order situation has improved as claimed by the BJP.    

Amin was speaking at the one-day Mahilla Congress political convention organised by Kshetrigao Block Mahilla Congress Committee at his residence located at Kshetri Bengoon Awang Leikai, Imphal East.

He said that many works which were launched during the Congress rule are yet to be completed. Some of the works have been renamed and inaugurated by the BJP government, he alleged.

Questioning if there are any particular projects started by the BJP government, he further claimed that almost all of them were started by the Congress government.

“The BJP government had accused the Congress party of not recruiting people for jobs and employment. But many youths are raising voices now against the BJP government for withholding their results for job interviews and recruitments,” he said. The government must announce the results which are kept pending, he added.

He further mentioned that the party’s manifesto will be released soon, and is in process. “The manifesto will include many things such as empowering the women section of the society; to form a secular democratic nation; there should not be ‘one religion, one nation’ etc.,” he said.

“BJP is lying to the public and suppressing the voice of the people. Nobody is getting benefits from the so-called ‘Go to the village’ and ‘Go to the hill’ missions. Congress party can show many particular projects it has done for the public,” Amin claimed.

At the Mahilla convention, opinions and ideas from women will be collected to improve the women section of Kshetrigao assembly constituency, he added.

Media panelist of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) Rabi Khan said that after the BJP government came to power in the Centre, the BJP government was forcefully formed in the state. “In a secular nation, the idea of ‘one religion, one nation’ is not valid. Due to such ideology, the nation is rife with communalism and hatred among one another, he added.

“The fanatic ideology of Hindu religion, which the BJP ardently follows, should be uprooted entirely from the state. If it continues, then the communal issues will completely dominate the state one-day,” Rabi said.

Rabi further questioned why the government removed the lone woman minister Nemcha Kipgen from her post if the BJP government is uplifting the status of women.

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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