Presidential Election 2022: Ballot boxes arrive in Manipur

The 16th Presidential Election will be held on July 18, 2022.

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Updated 14 Jul 2022, 4:35 am

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The Manipur Legislative Assembly on Wednesday received the ballot box and election materials for the 16th Presidential Election, 2022 at the Bir Tikendrajit Airport in Imphal, a day after it was dispatched by the Election Commission of India (ECI) from the national capital.

The ballot box and other materials were brought to Imphal on Air India flight No. 6E-215 by a team of the ECI. Soon after landing at Imphal at around 1:45 PM, it was handed over to a team of the Manipur Legislative Assembly, led by its additional secretary Rohit Sapam.

Amid tight security arrangements, the items were taken directly to the Manipur Assembly Secretariat by road and were kept in a strong room for safe custody.

"Election materials for the 16th Presidential Election arrived safely today at Imphal and were moved to the Strong Room at the Assembly Secretariat. All preparations for the smooth conduct of the poll to be held on 18 July 2022 have been undertaken," the CEO Manipur tweeted.


As per the schedule fixed by the ECI, the date for polling is fixed on July 18 and date for counting on July 21.

As many as 776 MPs and 4,033 MLAs from the states and union territories of India will be exercising the voting rights during the Presidential Election. In Manipur, a total of 60 MLAs and four MPs from the state will be casting their votes in the election.

Only two candidates are fighting the presidential election; they are Draupadi Murmu from BJP, who will be representing the NDA, and Yashwant Sinha from AITC, who will be representing the United Opposition.

To oversee the arrangements of polling and counting of the votes, the ECI has appointed 37 Observers from among senior IAS officers, holding the rank of additional secretary and joint secretary in the ministries.


It has also deployed one observer for overseeing polling at each state and union territories and two observers for Parliament House. The observers deputed at Parliament House will also oversee the counting process of votes.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) on Tuesday started the distribution and dispatch of designated ballot boxes, ballot papers, special pens, and other sealed election materials .  to the State Legislative Assembly Secretariats for conduct of the 16th Presidential Election. 

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First published:13 Jul 2022, 11:00 am


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IFP Bureau

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