Police launches drive against illegal parking along Thangal Bazar road in Imphal

IFP Impact: Barely two days after the 'Imphal Free Press' highlighted commuters’ plight in its exclusive news story, Imphal West Police launched a daily drive against vehicle parking in Thangal bazar area.

ByThomas Ngangom

Updated 6 Apr 2022, 9:26 am

(Photo: IFP)
(Photo: IFP)


In an effort to control traffic congestion in the area, Imphal West Police on Tuesday launched a daily drive to prevent parking of vehicles in Thangal Bazar stretch. This comes barely two days after the Imphal Free Press highlighted commuters’ plight in its exclusive news story published on April 3.

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Soon after the publication of the IFP story, state Chief Minister N Biren Singh also posted on Facebook a video clip of Thangal Bazar stretch with a caption “Waroubiba yadeko Bazaar manung lambising mee chatpham Leitre, Gari parking onthokle! Waroubinu MAYAM''.

Additional Superintendent of Police, Traffic Police, Imphal West, A Devananda told the Imphal Free Press that the drive was being conducted under the supervision of both Superintendent of Police Imphal West and the district Traffic Police.


The police official said that even as the awareness drive was being conducted, some of the vehicle owners residing in Thangal Bazar area have expressed fear that their vehicles could be stolen if parked at the Naga Nullah public parking facility. He expressed that there might be some issues between vehicle owners and the Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) regarding allotment of parking areas for the residents of Thangal Bazar area in the Naga Nullah public parking space.

Responding to the Imphal Free Press regarding the public complaint that such traffic drives last for only a few days, Devananda said the situation of the pandemic is getting better and the drive will be continued on a daily basis by mobile traffic police personnel in order to solve the traffic congestion in the market area.

The police official also informed that for the Paona Bazar area, traffic police have received instruction to conduct similar drives.

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During the inauguration of the Naga Nullah public parking in January 2020, CM Biren had announced that a temporary parking area for Paona Bazar residents will be allocated near Johnstone Higher Secondary School, Imphal.

One of the residents of Thangal Bazar told the Imphal Free Press that it is a good step to prevent traffic congestion during day time. He appealed to the government to allow parking in front of their residences during night time to avoid the risk of their vehicles getting stolen.


Commenting on the video clip uploaded by the chief minister on Facebook, he said there is a separate parking lot at the Naga Nullah public parking area and a similar drive to disperse vehicles parked on the roadside of RIMS road will be initiated.

Superintendent of Police, Imphal West, Ksh Shivakanta Singh told the Imphal Free Press that the drive might control the traffic inside the market area. Even the commuters who came to buy essential items have a habit of parking their vehicles in front of shops which also causes traffic congestion, he said.

Shivakanta appealed to the public to cooperate with the Imphal West district police and district traffic police in order to control the traffic congestion occurring in the bazaar area.

Shivakanta further said issues over parking space allotment in the Naga Nullah public parking area might arise, but it has to be solved by the Imphal Municipal Corporation officials and the residents of the market area.

The drive was conducted along the Thangal Bazar area stretching starting from the northern side of PC Jain book store to Nagamapal junction. During the drive on day one, Tuesday, around 50 vehicles were removed and for vehicle owners who failed to shift their vehicles, the wheels were locked.

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First published:5 Apr 2022, 3:54 pm


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Thomas Ngangom

Thomas Ngangom

IFP reporter, IMPHAL, Manipur


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