People of Manipur made scapegoats to achieve geopolitical agendas: AIFB

AIFB Manipur State Council general secretary Khomdram Gyaneshore expressed suspicion and questioned if the central government had any hidden agendas for not resolving the issue in Manipur.

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Updated 9 Aug 2023, 3:49 am


The All India Forward Bloc (AIFB) on Tuesday alleged that the people of Manipur had been made scapegoats in the international geopolitical crisis playing out in Manipur which has been painted in a communal narrative.

The bloc maintained that the Manipur crisis had been unfurled under a geopolitical strategy intentionally devised by certain individuals to assert their vested political interests.

AIFB stated that the crisis, which could have been resolved within days, has been drawn out to benefit the maligned agendas of certain political higher-ups.

Speaking to the media at Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul, general secretary of AIFB Manipur State Council Khomdram Gyaneshore mentioned that the Manipur crisis was an international geopolitics issue which had been painted in the communal narrative.

“The core of the issue is not the formation of a separate Kuki state or sporadic clash with militants in isolated pockets; from the start, it has been a geopolitical conflict instigated by people with deep-rooted political agendas,” he said.


He stated that it was vital to identify the culprits in order to bring an end to the crisis and maintained that such identification would only be possible when people trace the evil political plot which had been laid out with the intention to annihilate the people of Manipur.

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“No community is safe from this crisis; the Nagas, Kukis or the Meiteis are all expendable in order to achieve this geopolitical objective,” he added.

He further claimed that the crisis could take an even ugly turn if it was not reined in swiftly and timely by the central government and the people.

“It is clear the state government has and will never be able to stop this crisis; the only stakeholders who can completely stop this are the central government and the people of Manipur,” he said.

He, however, expressed suspicion and questioned if the central government had any hidden agendas for not resolving the issue in Manipur.


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Meanwhile, the chairman of AIFB central committee Naren Chatterjee also maintained that the Manipur crisis was spun around international geopolitical interests.

“India shares several international borders with various countries including China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar but the central government’s handling of the borders has been lacklustre,” he said.

He further expressed suspicion that the Manipur crisis was played out to usher certain electoral gains for certain political groups.

AIFB central committee secretariat member Mihir Nandi and executives of AIFB Manipur state council were also present during the meet.


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