Online Building Permission System to be implemented in September

MAHUD Minister Y Khemchand on Thursday said that the OBPS will be made available to make the public aware of building bye-laws.

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Updated 2 Sept 2022, 4:38 pm

(Photo: IFP)
(Photo: IFP)


As Online Building Permission System (OBPS) for construction of buildings would be implemented soon, MAHUD Minister Y Khemchand on Thursday said that the OBPS will be made available to make the public aware of building bye-laws.

The minister was speaking at a two-day hand holding workshop for architects on “OBPS” under E-Municipality as a service, E-MAAS of AMRUTI at City Convention Centre, Imphal on Thursday, which was organised by the Manipur Town Planning department.

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Khemchand said that everywhere in the state, be it valley or hill, the structure of buildings is decided by the owners which is why there is imbalance in structure that may cause disturbances to the surrounding.

“If people of the state follow the building bye-laws strictly then issues of imbalance structure and disturbance will not be faced,” he said.

Stressing that architects play a big role in creating awareness about building bye-laws when they are the one to draw the structure of building, he said OBPS will help generate employment for architects.


Khemchand called on the architects to know the building bye-laws before drawing the structure of building that suited to the state’s culture and tradition.

PDA chairman Lourembam Rameshwar Meitei (MLA) called for implementing building bye-laws which are under amendment before launching OBPS. Architects should design or structure the building according to the state’s culture and traditions, he added.

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Manipur Architects Forum president Aribam Joychandra Sharma called for extension of deadline of suggestion or opinion from public while amending Building Bye-Laws till October so that architects from various places will be able to provide suggestions.

"September 13 being foundation day of Manipur Architects Forum, we are planning planning to organise workshops for architects with experts’ opinion from outside state architects," he said.

He also advised architects to be aware about land acres while drawing the structure of buildings by following building bye-laws.

Chief Town Planner/state mission director of AMRUT, Town Planning Manipur, N Benju said that the Government of India is planning to implement the OBPS by September.


The expenditure, however, to be incurred is expected to be beyond Rs 1 crore and considering the financial position of the North Eastern states, the Central government has decided to provide the software to the eight NE states free of cost.

With the implementation of Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) in 2015 and the launch of the OBPS, a logical and scientific approach to urban development needs to be sought or else will regret in the future, he said.

However, while operating the OBPS many things require to be added on model software. And while modernisation of building bye-laws the OBPS needs to be launched before October, he added.

Pointing out that OBPS is among E-Job business, MAHUD commissioner M Joy Singh said land use plans should be systematic and should not impact future generations.

Before giving permission for building construction, deep studies are required. While performing online system, architecture plays a big role so all the architects should be aware about building bye-laws based on the state's culture and traditional structure of construction, he added.

The programme was attended by architects, associate town and country planner (TCPO), Sudeep Roy and scientist of D NIC Meghalaya, Gulrez Sohilya and associate town planner of town planning department Manipur, M Manas.



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