NPF brought changes in Manipur through BJP-led government's support: PHED Minister Losii Dikho

PHED Minister Losii Dikho said NPF is always behind the BJP-led government to usher peace in the state and will continue to do so even in the future.

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Updated 16 Oct 2021, 5:16 am

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Manipur PHED Minister Losii Dikho said the Naga People’s Front (NPF) has brought lots of changes in the state through the BJP-led government's support.

The minister was addressing the media after attending a get-together programme of village leaders and party workers of 48-Mao assembly constituency at Asufii, Mao on October 14.

The minister told the media that NPF is always behind the BJP-led government to usher peace in the state and will continue to do so even in the future.

He, however, expressed unhappiness over Manipur’s BJP-led government for not being serious with its political partners. He also slammed the BJP for not taking serious note of alleged harassment on Christian minorities and other minority communities, particularly in mainland India.

Dikho said he believed that the BJP-led government would rectify these issues and improve their relationship in the future.


The NPF minister also appreciated the BJP leaders at the Centre under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi for taking the Naga Peace process with seriousness while stressing that it is the main concern of the people.

Dikho also expressed hope for a peaceful environment in Manipur once the Naga settlement is reached. He said he also believed that the relationship between the tribal community and the other majority community would improve as well.

While speaking at the programme prior to the media briefing, the minister said that NPF should be credited for providing political stability in Manipur on many occasions without conditions.

He added that the party will stand for tribal rights with special focus on border trades, tourism, education, sports and youth development and people’s oriented projects.

The minister said NPF came to Manipur in 2011 and introduced the party in the Manipur Legislative Assembly in 2012. Having realised the importance of introducing it in the assembly, the Mao assembly constituency elected him as their representative and re-elected him in 2017 again as NPF legislator, Dikho said.

The NPF as a political party wants to bring peace in the land, aspires for peace to remain in the land and does not want any confrontation, violence or problem in the land and brought progress in different fields, he added.

The minister stated that the NPF during the last 2017 general elections supported the BJP led state government without making any prior demands or conditions for any ministership or posts.
The NPF party had trusted and provided the support to BJP and readily agreed to support it in the formation of the government, he added.

Dikho claimed that different opposition members came and tempted them away from the BJP led government  but the NPF party stood like rock in support of the BJP led government till date, he stated.


However, the state BJP has failed to acknowledge the NPF in a serious manner, said the minister.
The party appreciated Prime Minister Modi during his campaign in Imphal where he asserted that he would take away bandhs and blockades in Manipur within 15 months if BJP is elected majority in the state, he added.

Through contributions from the NPF, the state is enjoying an improved law and order situation where peace prevailed as assured by the Prime Minister, the minister said.

Through the initiative of the Country’s Prime Minister to connect water taps to all households, more than 50 per cent works are completed by the PHED department to connect water taps to all households in the state, said Dikho.

While assuring to take up pending issues relating to ongoing projects and developmental programmes that are underway in the region, he called for improvement of connectivity in Indo-ASEAN border trade through the new Mao to Moreh via Ukhrul roads which is just a distance of 105 km.

Former Naga Women’s Union president LM Tabitha, in her speech stated that the introduction of NPF in Manipur has strengthened the tribal issues of Manipur through democratic means which upholds the party motto ‘By faith, not by arms’ that shows the principle of peace, not by violence.

Tribal communities must have a separate budget for developmental schemes as enshrined in the Indian Constitution, Article 371 (C) which is a constitutional right, said Tabitha.

The programme was attended by civil bodies, village council, women organisations and youth organisations of 48-Mao assembly constituency.


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