My brother has been politicised: Heirok MLA Radheshyam

MLA Th Radheshyam announced that he will resign from his post if his brother is found guilty.

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Updated on 26 Dec 2021, 4:25 pm

Heirok assembly constituency MLA Th Radheshyam

Heirok assembly constituency MLA Th Radheshyam

MLA of Heirok assembly constituency Thokchom Radheshyam on Saturday claimed that his younger brother has been politicised in connection with the death of Ningthoujam Rohit, and announced that he will resign from his post if his brother is found guilty.  

Speaking to the media at his residence, he said that late Rohit was the son of his younger sister and expressed strong condemnations against the killing. Extending his condolences to the bereaved family, he offered prayers to let the deceased rest in eternal peace at the abode of the Almighty.  

“I feel ashamed by the continuous violence taking place in Heirok in connection with the coming election. From before, the people had been wrongly conceiving Heirok as a violent place. As a leader, I had been making appeals to the people of the assembly constituency to shun violence. When the incident took place, I was at Delhi for a meeting,” he said. He added that the incident could have been prevented if he was in the state.      

He made a fervent appeal to set aside politics and urged the people not to indulge in activities that would lead others to look down on Heirok. He further made an appeal to the people of Heirok not to commit violence again.

“Candidates must not instigate their family members and relatives to indulge in fighting and violence for the sake of politics. Let us remember that we are brothers and sisters although we may be affiliated to different parties. Such shameful acts of violence must be done away with. I appeal to the workers of all political parties to stay away from violence,” he added.          

Expressing his dissatisfaction for not delivering justice to the victims of violence which took place a few months ago in Heirok, he recalled that a journalist was beaten, and a former pradhan was severely assaulted while his vehicle was damaged. Although FIRs were registered, no action has been undertaken, he added.   

He further recalled that his father’s driver was brutally assaulted once.  

He expressed unhappiness that in the rally that was taken out in connection with the death of Rohit, instead of discussing to end violence, slogans that would cause harm to the personal life of the MLA were raised instead.  

Mentioning that his younger brother has been alleged as a murderer in the FIR, he said that he would quit politics if found guilty in the investigation. “The move was made to make political gains. My brother is innocent and this will be eventually revealed as investigation has begun,” he added. He also assured that he will not hide his brother if found guilty.  

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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