MSCU demands education, transport departments to monitor fare for students

The Manipur College Students’ Union will continue an intensified form of agitation if the demands are not fulfilled in time, MCSU social and culture secretary Ksh Dijen said.

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Updated on 3 Dec 2021, 9:32 pm



Manipur College students on Friday blocked the Mayai Lambi road, calling on the Education and Transport departments to monitor fare for students as the passenger services are taking fare as per their will.

As part of the protest, students came out from the college and blocked Mayai Lambi road in front of Pishum Bridge where a team of police came and tried to control the students but the students refused to withdraw their agitation. A confrontation followed between the two sides with the police finally able to control the situation.

Manipur College Students’ Union (MCSU) social and culture secretary Ksh Dijen told reporters that students and the people have been suffering due to the outbreak of pandemic and as the situation got better, the government notified for resumption of offline classes.

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However, most of the students are still finding it difficult to reach their respective institutions, schools and colleges as passenger vehicles are taking fares as per their will, which is too high for school and college students, Dijen lamented. He also said that due to the pandemic the inter-district bus services have stopped and that the authorities concerned should take necessary steps to resume the bus service.

Dijen also urged the state Education Department and Transport Department to take necessary steps to monitor the passenger service fare exclusively for students. The demand is not only for Manipur College students but for the entire students of the state who are facing issues on sudden hike in passenger service fare, he said.

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The MCSU will support any sort of movement related to sudden increase in passenger service fare, Dijen said, adding that the union strongly condemns the police personnel who allegedly controlled the female protestors without female police during confrontation.

The students’ union will continue an intensified form of agitation if the demands are not fulfilled in time, he added.

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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