Missing man found dead near Khuga Dam in Churachandpur

Rs 20,000 reward announced for information on partner

ByChurachandpur Correspondent

Updated on 9 Dec 2021, 4:51 am

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A man who went missing since December 4 was found dead on Wednesday at Hiangdung village under Singngat sub division in Churachandpur district of Manipur.

A search party led by Zomi Youth Organisation and Young Paite Association said that around noon on Wednesday, they found the body of S Pumzalian Ngaigte, 58, son of late S Ginlang Ngaihte, a resident of Khominthang village of Churachandpur at Hiangdung village, adjacent to Khuga Dam water reservoir under Singngat sub division.

The deceased was said to be missing from a hut located inside a forest where he and his partner Nehkhohau, 28, son of ( L) Laltinkhum of Valpakot village, Churachandpur were stationed, cutting wood for weeks.

The incident came to light when their contractor, one Sanglian, inspected the hut and found uneaten food and blood stains, leading them to contact ZYO Haopi block who in turn informed the general headquarters and a police complaint was filed which pointed to suspicion of Nehkhohau who reportedly remained at large.

Sources said that the collective effort of ZYO general headquarters, ZYO Haupi block and YPA led to the recovery of the body at Khuga dam which was near from their makeshift huts. There was a visible wound found on his head, sources said.

In connection with the incident, the SP of Churachandpur issued a wanted order with a reward of Rs 20,000 to any person who can provide information about Nehkhohau, son of (L) Laltinkhum of Valpakot village, assuring that the informer’s identity will not be revealed for which an FIR was registered at Singngat Police Station.


First published:9 Dec 2021, 4:51 am


Churachandpur Correspondent

Churachandpur Correspondent

Churachandpur district, Manipur

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