‘Meitei unity only weapon to tackle formidable obstacles’

What permanent measures authorities concerned had initiated to resolve the apprehension of peripheral villagers and resettle the displaced people in the valley, asked social activist RK Sanayaima (Meghen).

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Updated 25 May 2023, 6:00 am

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Social activist RK Sanayaima (Meghen) on Wednesday stressed on the need for Meiteis to form a united front at present and stated that unity is the primary weapon to overcome any obstacle.

“Formidable obstacles can be tackled only through unity,” he said.

He was speaking during his visit to various relief camps and periphery villages in Imphal East on Wednesday. The villages included Khundrakpam, Pukhao Laipham, Keibi Taretkhul and Keibi Awang Leikai.

During his visit, Meghen interacted with the locals and listened to the grievances of the displaced villagers.


He maintained that the present situation could be used for Meiteis to unite and take a firm stance against any challenges thrown against the community.

“The Meiteis have been asleep for too long and if we fail to take a collective stand at this juncture the outcome could be disastrous for the future of Manipur,” he said.

He stated that unity was the strongest weapon the Meiteis could muster to take on the violent onslaught of the suspected militants.

No number of guns and bullets can break unity, he added.

Meghen stated that he embarked on his visit to assess the ground reality and listen to the plights of Meitei villagers who had been rendered homeless by the onslaught of suspected Kuki militants.

He questioned what permanent measures authorities concerned had initiated to resolve the apprehension of peripheral villagers and resettle the displaced people in the valley.

He expressed disappointment that the public had to bear the burden of government incompetence and stated that it was the generosity of people and collective effort of CSOs which had kept the relief camps running and the people hopeful.


“Since resettling the displaced Meitei villagers at their original residences would take time, the government has to step up and figure out alternative amicable measures; however it is sad that no shadow of any government initiative has been casted till date,” he said.

He also stressed on the role of the media in resolving the present issue and making sure the voices of the unheard shook the doors of the authorities.

“The debacle between the two communities has been narrated in whimsical ways; true journalists should come in to show the true picture of the whole situation,” he said.

He stated that affable relations among all communities should be exhorted but maintained that the dominance and intimidation of one over the one should never be encouraged.

“The fear psychosis created by the militants had driven many out of the homes but now it is time to fight; we have turned our backs for too long, it is time we take a firm stance,” he said.



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