Massive mudslide wreaks havoc at Lamlenkon, locals demand permanent solution

Manipur: The heavy mudslide at Lamlenkon in Kangpokpi district trapped around three-four passengers and private vehicles. However, the locals with the help of JCB rescued them.

ByKangpokpi Correspondent

Updated 27 Mar 2022, 12:32 pm

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Barely a few months after a massive mudslide hit Lamlenkon near Tujang Vaichong sub-divisional headquarters in Kangpokpi district, a similar mudslide wreaked havoc in the area on Saturday morning, following incessant rainfall for two-three days in the area.

Lamlenkon near Tujang Vaichong sub-divisional headquarters has been facing frequent landslides and mudslides since August 2021 when the first massive mudslide submerged around 30 hectares of paddy field and more than 300 metres of the state oldest highway Imphal-Tamenglong road.

Compensation for the affected paddy field is yet to be delivered while the farmers are facing hardships despite CSOs demanding appropriate government compensation to the farmers.

In between August and the winter season last year, as many as six-seven landslides and mudslides occurred at the site, rendering untold miseries to the local populace as no measures have been initiated for a permanent solution, according to locals.


Every time such an event occurred, the only solution was the Joint Monitoring Development Committee, KSO Twilang block, and other local bodies clearing the debris by tying up with the local MLAs, and sometimes, with the assistance of the Assam Rifles operating in the area without any permanent solution.

Lamlenkon is located about 37 km away from Kangpokpi district headquarters.

The landslide which occurred at around 2.30 am Saturday at the same area not only disrupted the busy traffic movement along the only lifeline of the area Imphal-Tamenglong road but inundated a vast area of the surrounding land, including the road and paddy field.

The state's oldest highway Imphal-Tamenglong road is the only connectivity and lifeline of more than 70-80 villages with a population of more than more than 20,000 people.

Continuous heavy rainfall hit Kangpokpi district, including the Tujang Vaichong area for the past two-three days since Thursday evening.  The heavy rainfall is considered the main cause for the landslide.

The heavy rainfall has also raised the water level at Irang river and almost swept away a Maruti Gypsy, ferrying a medical team which was fortunately rescued by locals of Tujang Vaichong and its neighboring villages.


The heavy mudslide at Lamlenkon also trapped around three-four passengers and private vehicles. However, the locals with the help of JCB rescued them.

The distress call sent out immediately by KSO Twilang Block president Enock Kipgen was promptly responded by newly sworn-in minister Awangbow Newmai and the district administrator Kengoo Zuringla, DC Kangpokpi.

With help of the minister and district administrator, the locals supervised by the Joint Monitoring Development Committee of IT Road and KSO Twilang Block began to clear the debris and work is still in progress till the filing of this report.

Speaking to the media, KSO Twilang Block president Enock Kipgen conveyed the people's distress as to how they would survive during the monsoon season when such a natural calamity could occur with just two-three days continuous rainfall.

“We are trying to find a permanent solution with the government but it is not willing to find it,” he asserted.


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Kangpokpi Correspondent

Kangpokpi Correspondent

KANGPOKPI district, Manipur


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