MANITEX 2022: Minister Nemcha Kipgen assures GI registration for every traditional-cultural product of all communities in Manipur

A North East Textile Minister’s Conference was held to ensure full participation of Northeast states and exporters and buyers in a bigger scale in MANITEX 2023.

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Updated 15 Nov 2022, 12:06 pm

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As the 10-day MANITEX 2022 at Urban Haat Nilakhuthi in Imphal came to a close on Monday, Manipur Textile Minister Nemcha Kipgen assured GI registration for every traditional-cultural product of all communities in the state. She said that the department will develop Urban Haat Nilakuthi as a permanent exhibition centre.

Kipgen was speaking at a North East Textile Minister’s conference, which was held as a part of the closing programme, for organising the MANITEX 2023 with full participation of Northeast states and exporters and buyers in a bigger scale. 

This year, a Mega Handloom Cluster was taken up for implementation in Imphal East and registration started through MANITEX 2022, which was organised by the Directorate of Handlooms and Textiles, Manipur, starting November 5.

This year, the stalls totalled 223 against the target of 274 stalls while daily highest sale among premium stalls was Rs 2.05 lakh, Rs 70,000 among standard stalls and Rs 52,000 among food stalls.


Power, Forest and Environment Minister Th Biswajit said that Manipur has the highest concentration of weavers and possession of loom in the country, according to Handloom census of India.

Handloom Census 2009-10 reported that Manipur has 2.04 lakh handloom workers (or 5.30 per cent of India’s handloom workers) and 1.90 lakh loom workers (8.02 per cent of the national figure). Handloom is the most important and fast-growing cottage industry in the state.

For promoting the sector, the state government along with departments of handloom and handicraft and artisans are taking up various initiatives. Last year, the cluster of weaver’s registration was only 1500. The number will be increased to 15,000.

Minister Biswajit also called for proper implementation of Textile policy and preservation of state traditional products. For future’s preservation and reservation, the products should be digitally preserved and getting GI taken is compulsory, the minister said.


He also informed that Imphal East district hub is among 75 districts of India selected as hub.

To improve the state economy, the handloom, handicraft, textile, commerce and industry is taking up various schemes and works and all weavers should be proud of it and work hand in hand with the department to promote it, the minister said. Upon that preservation of the state's traditional products should be the first initiative to be taken up or else other states may take advantage, he added.

The closing programme was attended by Manipur Handloom and Handicraft Development Corporation, chairman Kh Ibomcha; MANIDCO chairman, Kongkham Robindro and commissioner of Textile, commerce and industry, government of Manipur, PK Jha.

Inspiring stall certificates, women entrepreneur certificates along with district wise representative felicitation was conducted.


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IFP Bureau

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