Manipur's population growth discussed

‘Neglecting official publication for 70 years has affected state’

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Updated 5 Sept 2023, 7:51 am

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The Manipur State Population Commission held the first Consultative Meeting with the Think Tank (panel of experts) at Hotel Imphal on Monday which primarily discussed the growth of population over the last many decades and how the negligence of official publication for 70 years has led to wrong information.

Advocate general Lenin Singh Hijam, addressing the inaugural session, said the Government of India, at the time of the Merger, published a White Paper on the Indian states in 1950. In it, the government clearly mentioned the size and the population of Manipur, he said.

“Now, after more than 70 years of neglecting and forgetting the official publication, different groups and some so-called experts have instilled wrong information in books and others which affects the existence of the state and the concern of national security”, Lenin said, expressing concerns that misinformation has been propagated over the years.


Lenin Singh Hijam raised concerns about the dissemination of incorrect information about Manipur’s population by different groups and so-called experts. He emphasized the need for the panel of experts to diagnose and address these problems before arriving at conclusions.

T Ranjit Singh, the commissioner of Home, informed the gathering that the Manipur State Population Commission was established on February 17, 2023.

To look into the issue of illegal immigrants in the state, the government constituted a cabinet sub- committee of three ministers on February 16. Verification drives of the illegal immigrants were conducted in the five districts bordering Myanmar.

Ranjit Singh discussed the notable population growth in Manipur over the last 130 years. He cited census data, stating that the Meitei population increased from 1.3 lakh in 1881 to 12.5 lakh in 2011. Similarly, the Naga population grew from 60,000 in 1881 to 6.04 lakh in 2011. The Kuki-Mizo population also saw significant growth, rising from 17,000 in 1881 to 4.48 lakh in 2011.


“Within a short period, more than two thousand illegal immigrants were identified and steps had been taken up by the government to provide shelter to these migrants on humanitarian ground,” Ranjit said.

He expressed his view that the panel of experts meeting organised by Manipur State Population Commission will bring a very good, workable, fruitful and realistic proposal to the government after thorough discussion.

The programme was attended by various dignitaries, including the Secretary to the Governor, Bobby Waikhom, the State Population Commissioner, Moirangthem Manimohan Meetei, and the Secretary of the Manipur State Population Commission, M Veto Singh.

Experts and intellectuals from various fields and departments also participated in the consultative sessions.


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IFP Bureau

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