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‘Manipuri Cinema’ authored by Meghachandra Kongbam released

The book, ‘Manipuri Cinema’ is released in connection with the celebration of 50 years of Manipuri Cinema.

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Updated 4 Apr 2022, 8:41 am

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A book titled ‘Manipuri Cinema’ authored by former director, state Information and Public Relations, and a member of International Federation of Film Critics, Indian Chapter (FIPRESCI-India), was released by legendary theatre director and writer Ratan Thiyam at the auditorium of JN Manipur Dance Academy, Imphal on Sunday.

The book is released in connection with the celebration of 50 years of Manipuri Cinema.

Addressing the gathering, chief guest Ratan Thiyam said the most important part of Manipuri Cinema is its aesthetic value.

“While making commercial films we need to consider the various aspects of our society,” he added.


He also said that “children films are lacking in our state and the filmmakers need to focus on making films which can be beneficial to children.” He appealed to the filmmakers and producers of this generation to make films which reflect social values.

In his speech as president of the function, commissioner IPR and Arts and Culture M Joy said that filmmakers need to focus on making films which connect the generations. “We should all render our support in producing films which have social values,” he added.

Department of Anthropology, Manipur University professor MC Arun, reviewed the book before releasing. In his review, he said the book throws light on the environment of cinema before the actual birth of Manipuri Cinema, the works of the pioneers of Manipuri Cinema, the life and works of the second generation filmmakers and producers, the digital era of Manipuri Cinema and the issues of Manipuri Cinema.

“A creative outburst is needed at this hour for continuation of our creativity in the field of art and culture which is unique from others,” he added.  

Meghachandra Kongbam, the author highlighting his journey in the field of art and culture as a critic of films, said that he continuously contributed articles on films from various parts of the country. After taking a break for a year, he started concentrating on writing the book as a contribution of his knowledge about the various aspects of Manipuri Cinema, he added.


He urged the readers for positive suggestions, criticisms etc. for further improvement of his book.

Meghachandra Kongbam of Wangkhei Ningthem Pukhri Mapal, received Swarna Kamal for the Best Film Critic in the National Film Awards in the year 2015. He is a member of Film Critics Circle of India and currently the president of Film Society of Manipur, the third oldest film society in Northeast India.

He is also the founder of Cine Artistes and Technician Association Manipur. He is a regular article contributor of many cinema books published by the Federation of Film Societies of India and FIPRESCI-India and others edited by film scholars.

The release function was attended by many renowned filmmakers, writers, critics, artists, cine lovers and others working in the field of Manipuri Cinema. (DIPR)


First published:3 Apr 2022, 6:15 pm


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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