Manipur Unrest: Enraged victims protest against killing of SDPO Anand

Hundreds of inmates from Ideal Girls College, Akampat relief took out a protest rally demanding authorities to ramp up deployment of state forces in Moreh.

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Updated 31 Oct 2023, 9:20 pm


Enraged over the unprovoked murder of Moreh Police SDPO Ch Anand on Tuesday morning by suspected Kuki militants, hundreds of inmates from Ideal Girls College, Akampat relief took out a protest rally on the same day demanding authorities to ramp up deployment of state forces in Moreh and put a complete stop on the Chin Kuki militant operations in the area. 

Majority of the inmates at Akampat hail from mostly from Moreh and Churachanpur. The rally commenced from Akampat and continued till Loklaobung bridge, Imphal escorted by state police to avoid untoward incidents. 

During the rally, the protestors held several placards and shouted slogans demanding authorities to take swift action against the Kuki militants, increase the number of state forces deployed in Moreh and change the leader of the unified command.

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Speaking to media on the sidelines of the rally, an inmate who originally hails from Moreh expressed dissatisfaction over authorities failing to rein in the conflict even after nearly six months. 

"We condemn the authorities for remaining mute even when state forces have been attacked. Allow the people to enter and we will fight for our land if they are not going to do anything," she said.


She questioned why state forces have been deprived of their power to engage with the militants and expressed suspicion if it was an intentional move to root out Meitei settlements in the area.

“We would not have run for safer locations if they were given necessary powers during appropriate junctures”, she added. 

She recalled the day when all the Meiteis moved out from Moreh with the smoke of burning houses in the backdrop. 

"We are refugees in our own land. Our kids keep on asking when we'll return to our homes. What should we tell them; at the moment we are living off the generosity and donations of others but we cannot bear the pain anymore," she said.

She stated that Anand was a reputed officer in Moreh who was honest and served the people with utmost dignity. 

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Meanwhile, an inmate from Churachandpur demanded authorities to give full power to the state forces.

"We do not trust other forces. We also want the leader of the unified command to be changed," she said. 

She questioned what the authorities were waiting for and maintained that they would be satisfied when all Meiteis in Manipur were killed. 

"We cannot stay at the relief camp any longer. Our soldiers are dying over there, how can they expect us to remain silent?" she asked. 

After reaching Loklaobung, the police escorted the protestors back to the relief camp.


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