Manipur: Public meeting condemns bomb threat at residential area

A hand grenade and four AK-47 rounds were found at the residence of one intending candidate of Hiyanglam assembly constituency on Monday.

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated on 14 Dec 2021, 7:50 pm



In protest against leaving a hand grenade and AK-47 rounds at the residence of an intending candidate at Sekmaijin Khunou under Hiyanglam assembly constituency in Kakching district, a public meeting was held at Sekmaijin Thongkhong on Tuesday.    

At the meeting organised by meira paibis of Sekmaijin, placards that read, ‘The public denounces leaving of bomb at the residence of intending candidate Nongmaithem Sanjay’, ‘We condemn the attempt to intimidate N Sanjay’, ‘We condemn leaving of bomb at populated area’, ‘We stand with Sanjay’, ‘Only cowards resort to taking up weapons’, ‘bombs will not win hearts’ etc. were displayed while slogans were raised.  

One Thongnaojam Chanu Ayangleima who took part in the meeting expressed that the people of Sekmaijin vehemently condemn that act of leaving a bomb at the residence of N Sanjay who will be contesting the coming 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election from Hiyanglam assembly constituency.

There is a big confusion among the locals whether the bomb was planted against his candidacy or to settle a personal score with someone, she said.  

If the bomb was left by some militant outfit, they are appealed to publicly claim responsibility and cite the reason behind the act as well, she added.  

She further said that it would be rather unfortunate if the bomb was left by miscreants in connection with Sanjay’s candidacy.


Hiyanglam assembly constituency has been holding the reputation of being peaceful and corruption free. However, yesterday’s incident has disturbed the public tranquility.   


“Not just for Sanjay, we urge not to carry out such acts of intimidation against other individuals who are preparing to enter the fray from Hiyanglam assembly constituency in the coming assembly election. We wish to peacefully vote for our own candidate of choice and without fear,” she added.  

Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur

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