Manipur pays rich tributes to brave women who fought for justice against British rulers

Nupi Lal Day 2021: Remembering the epic struggles of Manipuri women, 82nd Nupi Lan Day Organisation Committee observed the day at JN Dance Academy, Imphal.

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Manipur on Sunday paid rich tributes to the brave women of the state who fought for justice against the British colonial rulers and monopolistic trade interests in the Nupilals of 1904 and 1939. Remembering the epic struggles of Manipuri women, 82nd Nupi Lan Day Organisation Committee observed the day at JN Dance Academy, Imphal.

During the observation, convenor of 82nd Nupi Lan Day Observation Committee Lourembam Nganbi said that the day is observed every year to pay respect and tribute to the women of Manipur who fought against the British and their policies.

The second Nupi Lan of 1939 was fought against the British for their policies which caused artificial famine. They fought for the right to life and freedom from oppression. Women of the State have been playing significant roles in every major struggle since time immemorial, she said, urging the women of the present to have the same courage and strength to fight injustice and crimes against them. Crime and domestic violence against women and girls should be put to an end to further develop the State, she added.

She narrated that in 1904, thousands of women gathered spontaneously and marched towards Maxwell’s official residence. They were assured that the order would be reconsidered; however, it all came to naught. Hence, on October 5 that year, around 5,000 women gathered at Khwairamband Bazar in protest, refusing to move till the order was retracted. Again, the movement sowed the seeds of economic and political reforms for a new Manipur in the early 1940s.

What started in the year 1939 as an agitation by Manipuri women against the oppressive administrative and economic policies by the then Maharaja of Manipur and the political agent Mr. Gimson (British Government 1933-45) later evolved into a revolution for administrative and constitutional reform in Manipur, Lourembam Nganbi said.

Since then, Manipuri women have bravely led protests across the years - be it the Meira Paibi movement in the 1970s against drug abuse and alcoholism or the 12 women standing nude in 2004 against AFSPA. There have been other women-led movements across the country as well, but Nupi Lan remains a strong testament to the power of women’s voice in India, she added.

December 12 marks an important date for the people of Manipur, especially the women. ‘Nupi Lan Day’ — which literally means ‘women’s war’ — is one of the important movements in the history of Manipur.
The observation was attended by Porei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba Manipur, president, S Memcha; Kanglamei president, Y Lairik Leima; Nupee Samaj president, Thokchom Ramani Leima; Chituwa president, Maibam Purnima Leima; PPCM president, Maibam Bishesor; Kabui Mothers Association president, J Atongpi Kameipui; All Manipur Muslim Women Development Organisation, president, Aribam Sitara Begum.

First published:13 Dec 2021, 5:20 am


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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