Manipur Opposition MLA Ranjit points out flaws in governor’s address; says it missed various points

The governor’s address did not include a single word on the government’s effort to solve the insurgency, MLA K Ranjit Singh pointed out.

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Updated 26 Jul 2022, 5:44 pm

Opposition MLA K Ranjit Singh (PHOTO: Twitter)
Opposition MLA K Ranjit Singh (PHOTO: Twitter)

Manipur Opposition MLA K Ranjit Singh, while placing his observation regarding the Governor’s address on the first day of the second session of 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly, stated that it could have been taken as a good achievement for the present government if some important points, including missing number of cases registered related to arrest of insurgents, number of cases chargesheeted and others were included.

The MLA was informing the House on his observation of the ‘discussion of motion of thanks on Governor’s address’ moved by Minister S Ranjan Singh which was seconded by Minister Th Bashanta Kumar.

The MLA further informed the House that he placed his observation by taking the advantage as per Rules of Procedure Conduct of Business, Rule number 24 that the governor’s address can be amended before the House passed the motion. He said that in the governor’s address placed on March 24, it was not clearly mentioned how many FIRs have been registered in connection with the arrest of insurgents and how many of the cases have been chargesheeted during the reign of the present government.

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During the address, it was mentioned that for the year 2021, 234 extremists were arrested, 15 killed, 14 arrested under NSA, 20 undergrounds surrendered, 167 weapons, 3,115 ammunition, 27 lathode bombs and 360 detonators were seized. However, no information regarding the number of FIRs filed against insurgents or the number of justices delivered or the number of chargesheets filed were not in the governor’s address, MLA Ranjit pointed out.


He further said that the government has been fighting to solve the insurgency problem in the state but that the governor’s address did not include a single word on the government’s effort to solve the insurgency.

Placing his opinion regarding the present government’s ‘War on Drugs’, Ranjit said being a representative of the public he suggested that all the 60 MLAs should be declared as warriors in order to strengthen the ‘War on Drugs’ campaign.

The MLA also said that despite the government’s fight against drugs, News related to seizures of drugs continue to be flashed even in social media. The Governor’s address did not mention what measures could be taken to control the frequent raising of drug related issues in Manipur, he stated.

Recalling the programme conducted at Kakching garden on May 9, Ranjit informed the House that superintendent of police, NAB had stated that those undergrounds under Suspension of Operation (SoO) are involved in drug related issues like poppy cultivation.

He appealed the House that, besides drug peddlers arrested under ND and PS Act, 1985, if stringent action like capital punishment and life imprisonment are included then the drug related issues could be controlled better.

If the present government fails to take stringent action against the drug peddlers, then its ‘War on Drugs’ campaign is a failure, the MLA noted.


Clarifying to the House, Forest Minister Th Biswajit, in favour of the leader of the House, said it is inconvenient to include all the data regarding the issues taken by the present government related to insurgency in the governor's address.

He said the present central government is continuing signing of peace agreements with the insurgent groups as measures to control insurgencies and continued that every citizen of the state has the responsibility to take initiatives to control raising drug related issues and be warriors and not just the 60 MLAs.

Biswajit said the issue will be discussed with the leader of the House, who is also in charge of the Home Department, as to what necessary measures could be taken after his return.

The state government has taken a decision to issue an ordinance so that drug peddlers and any related issues are demoralised, the minister said.

Later, the House unanimously passed the motion.


First published:25 Jul 2022, 4:40 pm


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