Manipur government to open school for operating, assembling of drones

Chief Minister N Biren Singh said he has consulted with IIIT, Mantripukhri to open the said training school only inside its campus.

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Updated 1 Sept 2022, 5:42 pm

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Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh on Thursday said that the government will open a school to train youths on the operating and assembling of drones in the state for imparting skills in the said field, considering the versatility of drones in the modern world.

He was speaking at the valedictory function of a three-day drone awareness training programme at IIIT complex at Mantripukhri.

He informed that he has consulted with the IIIT to open the said training school only inside its campus.

He further noted that drones are now being employed in defence, domestic as well as commercial purposes. He further highlighted the significance of drones and information technology in the modern world.

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Biren, however, raised concern that the students of the state are less interested or unaware of the IT sector and drones despite their significance in the modern world.

He maintained that the youths of the state and the region should take advantage of the presence of such prestigious institutes and study at the IIIT in Manipur.

He further stated that the youths, who are enthusiastic about learning about IT, do not need to travel outside to other states like Karnataka or Tamil Nadu.

He further said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has put particular focus on the IT sector. He added that people who were once working abroad have returned and started working in the country, making the nation one of the best performers in the IT sector.

Meanwhile, chief secretary Rajesh Kumar said that the Manipur government is working out to effectively employ drones in the field of agriculture as well as in its War on Drugs campaign for the first phase.


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Besides, feasibility for further applications of drones will also be explored in the near future, he added.

The valedictory function was also attended by vice chancellor, Dhanamanjuri University, professor N Rajmuhon Singh; director IIIT, professor Krishnan Baskar among others.

As part of the function, certificates of participation were also distributed to the participants including those of the Indian Army, Assam Rifles, CRPF, Police, and Civil departments like Agriculture, department of Information Technology, Horticulture and Soil Conservation, Health among others.

Later, CM Biren also inspected the ongoing construction work of the IT-SEZ building at Mantripukhri.


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