MAHUD to undertake Citizen Perception Survey 2022 in Imphal city

Smart City Mission to develop underground parking besides intelligent traffic light system, emergency call system at 10 places of Imphal, cycle riding, and streets for people.

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Updated 8 Dec 2022, 4:18 pm

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The Manipur Urban Development Agency (MAHUD) under the Smart City Mission is set to undertake a Citizen Perception Survey, 2022 and help enhance the state’s position in the Ease of Living Index which will record suggestions and opinions from the public related to situations around the quality of life in the state.
The directorate also announced plans for underground parking besides intelligent traffic light system, emergency call system at 10 places of the city, cycle riding, and streets for people 

In 2019, Manipur was ranked 91 out of 111 cities, improving to 50 out of 111 cities of India the following year, i.e, in 2020.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday at City Convention centre, Palace Compound, MAHUD commissioner, M Joy said that the ‘Ease of Living Index’ aims to evaluate the quality of life and the impact of various initiatives for urban development. It provides a comprehensive understanding of participating cities across India based on the quality of life, economic ability of a city and its sustainability and resilience, the commissioner said.

He further said the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MAHUA), government of India launched the Citizen Perception Survey, 2022 of the Ease of Living Index assessment on November 9 with the objective of capturing the perception of citizens on the quality of life in their city.

The feedback of citizens received through CPS will help in improving urban governance through participatory planning and will further aid in formulating better policies for the citizens, he added.


As part of the multi-pronged approach, a city awareness programme is being conducted to promote the survey among citizens at the city level. Media is also one of the seven activities the city has to undertake to create awareness of the survey, commissioner said.

The citizens should fill the online survey from using their referral code to participate in the survey and to increase the engagement.

Director of MAHUD, Th Harikumar informed that an underground two-wheeler parking is going to be implemented under Ima Keithel market number 2 at Paona Bazar side for about 350 two-wheelers parking allocation. He said under the Smart City Mission for citizen centric smart city, MAHUD is progressing in development works like traffic light system, emergency call system at ten places of the city has been installed, cycle riding, and streets for people.

Under the street for people, two pilot projects have been taken up for two street development. The two pilot projects will take up commercial space and periphery of the city - one between BT Park and Johnstone High School (commercial area) and another at Nongpokthong connecting till Ananda Higher Secondary School, Th Harikumar informed.

The street for people pilot project budget estimate is Rs. 18 crore and it is planned to be completed by June 2023. The project was also selected under 38th cities selection and special jury award by the ministry, director said.


He informed that Nongpokthong Torban will be extended till Minuthong and also Ima Keithel-Mall Road will extend to Khuyathong road.

The Smart City Mission will be closed by June 2023 though the progress work will extend according to public needs and demands.

Stressing on the grievances of the parking system, the director said that MAHUD is initiating two solutions for the parking system in large scale and mini scale. In the pilot project, four areas have been identified on a rotary basis at Ima Keithel (near the temporary market side), Nagamapal (near Kasturi), Nongpokthong (near Sanjenthong) and near Secure Building complex, he said, adding that the lodge will be 42 cars and 70 two-wheelers parking.

In large scale, MAHUD has identified two places in multi-level car parking basis at Gandhi Avenue (near quarter) and at Old Power House (Keishampat), the director informed.


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