Maharaj Gambhir Singh Death Anniversary observed in Cachar, Assam

The exodus of more than seven years from the state has been a dark episode in the history of Meities, Awapalli Khubham Ningshing Lup general secretary Thokchom Premjit Singha said.

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Joining Manipur in observing the 188 death anniversary of Maharaj Gambhir Singh, the occasion was also observed at Awapalli Khubham, Cachar district in Assam by Awapalli Khubham Ningsing Lup, Kamranga on Sunday.

The observation was opened in the morning by hoisting the seven-coloured flag by president Awapalli Khubham Ningsing Lup S Manimohan Singh.

At the event, United Committee Manipur (UCM) general secretary Ngangom Deva Meitei expressed that he came to take part in the observation, following the ideal of reuniting with the Meities who have been settling outside Manipur.

During the ‘Seven Years Devastation’ in the history of Manipur, those who had fled the state and settled in Cachar Kamaranga village started a rebellion by indulging in various forms of warfare against the Burmese occupation. The episode has been commemorated annually on this day, he added.

After staying independent for such a long time, we should never let another ‘Seven Years Devastation’ take place in the state again, he added. He further stressed on the need for Manipuris who had been staying in and outside the state to become united again. He also appealed to the state government to bring its focus on the historical sites that exist outside the state.  

Awapalli Khubham Ningshing Lup general secretary Thokchom Premjit Singha expressed that the exodus of more than seven years from the state has been a dark episode in the history of Meities.

“Our forefathers used to tell us that Awapalli in Cachar Kamranga was built up as a fort at the time of Maharaj Gambhir Singh and Nara Singh to battle the Burmese,” he added.  

The place has seen many changes in the course of time. Awapalli has faced demolition for the construction of railway lines from Silchar to Manipour, he said. Former chief minister Nipamacha once during a visit announced that funds will be sanctioned for renovation work. Moreover, well known leaders such as RK Ranajit, Arambam Samarendra etc. had also stressed on the need to protect the site and gave assurances.  

Now, Awapalli exists in a deplorable condition and representations have been submitted to the Mnaipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh to look into the matter.

President of Awapalli Khubham Ningsing Lup S Manimohan Singha expressed that it is a long-term desire of the organisation to install a statue of Maharaj Gambhir Singh at Awapalli.

The event was attended by MLA of Udharbond Mihir Kanti Shome; Awapalli Khubham Ningsing Lup president S Manimohan Singh; NIPCO president Tongjam Manihar Singha; president CADA Head Office Hijam Priyokumar Meitei, UCM general secretary Ng Dev; ZPC - Bijoyta Mahato, Joypur Kamranga GP president L Chandrakala Singha and AP member Papri Rani Dutta as chief guest, president, special guest, and guests of honour respectively. 

Jiribam Correspondent

Jiribam Correspondent

Jiribam district, Manipur

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