Lilong Blast: PREPAK (Pro) claims responsibility

The blast in Lilong that claimed the life of one security personnel was a tactical action of Cobra Task Force-3 of PREPAK, the outfit stated stated a releas

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Updated on 8 Jan 2022, 4:15 am

bomb Blast in Lilong (Photo: IFP)

bomb Blast in Lilong (Photo: IFP)

The armed insurgent outfit People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (Progressive) has claimed responsibility for the blast that killed one 16 Assam Rifles personnel and injured another at Lilong Usoipokpi Makha Sangomsang under Lilong police station in Thoubal district on Wednesday.

The blast was a tactical action of Cobra Task Force-3 of the outfit, stated a release issued by its assistant publicity secretary Th Eshingchaoba on Thursday.

“In fact, there was a moment of hesitation considering the unfortunate results that would result from the action. We also felt the sadness and grief of the families on witnessing the body and injured personnel of the Indian Armed Forces. Such predictable unfortunate outcomes compelled us to curb our abilities in the past,” it stated.  “We are even more distressed as this unwanted destiny had fallen to two of our people from the ‘Western South East Asia (WESEA)’,” it mentioned.

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Indian leaders, sometimes, purposefully appreciate the bravery and courage of the forefathers of the people here, but they never explain the root causes of the burning so-called insurgency issue, it stated.  

Many centrally-sponsored development programmes have been implemented and many leaders are frequently visiting to look after Manipur which are somewhat appreciable. “But we must know that as India forcibly merged Manipur into the Indian Union, and it is their responsibility to keep special attention which had been neglected for a long time. Their actions are too little and too late as they hastily try to cover their past mistakes and their step-motherly attitudes,” it mentioned.

“We have the resources to carry out more of these actions similar to that of Usoipokpi. Although we do not like such deadly action, it would happen endlessly as long as the Indian Armed forces are stationed in Kangleipak (Manipur),” it added. 

First published:7 Jan 2022, 2:43 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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