LBC, MNBC ordinate pastor of Liwachingning Baptist Church

The ceremony held at LBC, Chandel was moderated by reverend Ng Molarhing.

ByChandel Correspondent

Updated on 8 Jan 2022, 8:19 pm



Liwachingning Baptist Church (LBC) in collaboration with the ordination committee of Monsang Naga Baptist Church Association (MNBCA) on Saturday held an ordination ceremony of pastor of LBC TS Morison Monsang.

The ceremony held at LBC, Chandel was moderated by reverend Ng Molarhing. The ceremony was attended by general secretary of MBC reverend K Losii Mao as the blessing minister, along with many secretary leaders of tribe level church association in Chandel district.

The ceremony commenced with welcome and introduction of the dignitaries and the religious leaders by the chairman of church board LBC Rungkham Ngoruh. Speaking on the occasion, Rungkham Ngoruh said that the ceremony was historic since Liwachanging, the first Christian converts among the Monsang community in 1924, is finally witnessing an ordained leader as rev TS Morison.

Delivering a recommendation letter adopted and resolved by the ordination committee before the congregation, convenor of ordination committee MNBCA rev K Kiirii recalled TS Morison’s journey in the church ministry.

Sharing his testimonial message, reverend TS Morison recalled his humble beginnings and aspirations for a government job and a regular life. “But God had a different plan and my dedication, hard work and commitment was then firmly placed to serve the Lord,” he said.

The ceremony concluded with a special number from Liwachanging Baptist Women Fellowship (LBWF), followed by customary gift presentation and traditional ‘sharuw thuw buw’ with tea and meat services. 

First published:8 Jan 2022, 8:19 pm


Chandel Correspondent

Chandel Correspondent

Chandel district, Manipur

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