International Nurses Day 2022: Health of every individual can be taken care of only when HWCs are strengthened, says Manipur Health Minister S Ranjan

The Manipur health minister lauded the efforts of all the healthcare workers of the state in combating the Covid-19 pandemic despite facing various discrimination and stigma.

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Manipur Health Minister S Ranjan on Thursday encouraged the healthcare workers, especially nurses to bear and politely handle the impatience of the attendants and families of patients as they are doing it out of stress.

He was speaking as the chief guest during the observance of ‘International Nurses Day 2022’ at IMA Hall in Imphal West. It was organised by All Manipur Community Health Officers' Union (AMCHOU) under the theme, ‘Nurses: A voice to lead –Invest in Nursing and Respect Rights to Secure Global Health.’

Ranjan said, “I can understand the level of pressure given to the medical staff by the concerned families and relatives of patients; however, our spirit is to serve and remove their agony and tears. I hope everyone follows the spirit of serving mankind which is service to the Almighty.”

He highlighted the vital roles of the community health officers in strengthening the Health and Wellness Centres (HWC). The health of every individual in the state can be taken care of only when the HWCs are strengthened, he added.

Concerning the requirement for nursery care in the state, it is impossible for all patients to rush to RIMS or JNIMS, he said, adding that it is very important to strengthen the HWC to give good nursery care.


Meanwhile, community health officers need to promote institutional delivery as the Maternal Mortality Rate and Infant Mortality Rate is very low in institutional delivery, added Ranjan.

He pointed out that it is uncomfortable for most female patients to consult with a male doctor on menstrual hygiene. In this aspect, the role of female HWC has become very important, he added.

The minister also suggested the community health officersto keep the data of the villagers of their place of posting by collaborating with the ASHA and Anganwadi workers, so that it will be helpful in delivering the welfare schemes and uses in any upcoming pandemic.

He lauded the efforts of all the healthcare workers of the state in combating the Covid-19 pandemic despite facing various discrimination and stigma. Ranjan credited all the healthcare workers for reducing the number of Covid-19 positive cases to single digit.

He further informed that his new office door will be widely open to everyone for any valuable suggestions and discussion. The minister called on all the health care workers, “Let’s make sure that Manipur has a robust healthcare system.”

During the observance, the State Florence Nightingale Award 2022 was conferred to seven community health officers and five auxiliary nurse midwives.             

Community health officer of HWC Awang Wabagai Maibam Ranita Devi and of HWC Phubala Takhellembam Helena were also felicitated during the observance on receiving the National Florence Nightingale Award 2019 and 2021 respectively.


The function was also attended by retired joint director (Nursing) Mutum Roma as president; additional chief secretary (Health and Family Welfare) Vumlunmang Vaulnam and mission director of State Health Society, Manipur Dr Somorjit Ningombam as guests of honour.

A similar observance was also held at the College of Nursing at Lamphel, Imphal West organised by the Manipur Nursing Council (MNC).

Delivering the keynote address of the observance, registrar of MNC Th Nandarani said the day is observed to remember Florence Nightingale in the profession of Nursing who was entitled as “the lady with the lamp” who roamed in the night during Crimean War to take care for wounded soldiers.

She pointed out that nurses are the backbone of medical care and are providing services in a broad range of settings and needs.

The Nurses day is an occasion to return the favour of nurses for the dedication they have done towards the society, she added.

It was attended by director of Health Services Dr K Rajo as chief guest; joint director (Nursing) Lalbiekmoi as president and principal of College of Nursing Dr N Surbala Devi as guest of honour.


First published:12 May 2022, 3:14 pm


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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