Insurgency to end in next five years through political dialogue: Manipur CM N Biren Singh

Twelve cadres of KCP (PWG) and one from KYKL laid down arms and ammunition, including monetary demand letters to Chief Minister N Biren Singh on Thursday.

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Updated 16 Sept 2022, 4:11 pm


As 13 cadres belonging to two valley-based proscribed underground groups laid down arms and ammunition on Thursday, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh exuded confidence that the BJP government will bring an end to insurgency over the next five years through political dialogues.

The present government is committed to ending insurgency from Manipur in the next five years and has already taken up initiatives to convince the insurgency groups though political dialogue, the CM said and warned that no one should try to sabotage the situation. 

Speaking at the homecoming ceremony of 13 cadres of two different valley based proscribed underground outfits, KCP(PWG) and KYKL, at the Banquet Hall of 1st Manipur Rifles, Imphal, Biren said that with the modified ‘Scheme for Surrender-cum-rehabilitation’, the number of surrendered UG cadres have been increasing in the last five years. 

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The surrendered UG cadres are provided proper benefits under the schemes and hence, the number of incidents related to insurgency has also been decreasing over the last five years, he added.

The increase in the number of participants at the Independence Day celebration, Har Ghar Tiranga campaign and others are examples that people have started supporting nationalism, Biren said and added that central agencies should also be aware of the changes made with the coming of the BJP-led government.


He noted that some people are trying to sabotage the present insurgency situation in Manipur as recently while one active cadre of a proscribed underground outfit was arrested along with explosive materials and 119 monetary demand letters with different signatories. The law-and-order situation of Manipur is getting better and with the development of intelligence any culprits within the state can be arrested in seconds, he said.

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CM Biren said Manipur has been suffering due to insurgency problems since the 1970s. However, the government is committed to bring an end of insurgency in Manipur within the next five years through political dialogue. He said the insurgencies who are yet to surrender should do so to the government and assured that not a single bullet will be fired to those who want to join the mainstream. No FIRs will be lodged against them unless they are involved in heinous crimes, he added. 

He cautioned some politically vested interest groups not to try to defame Manipur by playing ethnic based politics.

During the homecoming ceremony a total of 13 cadres, including 12 from KCP (PWG) and one from KYKL laid down arms and ammunition, including monetary demand letters to Chief Minister N Biren Singh.

The surrendered weapons and items included two lathode guns; four 9mm pistols; three IEDs; two detonators; two radio sets; four extortion slips and five letter heads.


DGP, P Doungel told media on the sideline of the ceremony that since 2005 under ‘Scheme for Surrender-cum-rehabilitation’ a total of 708 cadres from different outfits have surrendered, out of which 643 have joined the normal life after completion of three years stay at rehabilitation camp. At present 65 underground cadres from different outfits are staying at rehabilitation camps, the DGP said.

It is a wonderful day for the state as well as for the department that 12 cadres from KCP (PWG) and one KYKL have surrendered along with arms and ammunition to the government, the DGP expressed.

Meanwhile, in a press note issued by PRO police department signed by Khuplen Lhouvum, it stated that under the revised scheme for Surrender-Cum rehabilitation of Militants in the north east states, 2018 of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, rehabilitation benefits given to the surrendered cadres included a one-time financial grant of Rs 4 lakh to each surrenderee.

The amount will be kept in a bank in their names as a fixed deposit for a period of three years, monthly stipends of Rs 6,000 per person and incentives for surrendered weapons, it informed.

It said that the surrenderees will stay in a rehabilitation camp for three years.


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