Indigenous Kukis are bonafide citizens of India, says CM N Biren Singh

The Manipur chief minister urged the people not to let any external influence ruin the peaceful coexistence among various communities of the state.

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Updated 30 May 2022, 3:18 am

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Manipur Chief Minister N Biren on Saturday asserted that indigenous Kukis are also bonafide citizens of India and urged the people not to let any external influence ruin the peaceful coexistence among various communities of the state. He also added that we should prevent illegal migrants from settling among us.

He was addressing a gathering after a ‘Mass Plantation Drive’ was carried out at Kanglatongbi- Kangpokpi Reserved Forest areas. The drive was organised by the state Forest department.

Regarding the recent increase in the spread of hate speeches in various social media platforms, N Biren reiterated that all should immediately put a stop to such activities as they will create communal tension among the communities of the state.   

Any government cannot function without the support of the people and stressed that cooperation from the people of Manipur is a must for good governance in the state.


He mentioned that it is the second time such a plantation drive is organised in the area. He appealed to all people and stakeholders to protect the reserved forests and further added that all should also plant trees in villages and habited areas also.

He expressed disappointment in construction of roads in reserved forest areas and stated that he was really surprised at why the Forest department and the government officials did not stop such constructions which eventually helped smugglers to take away timbers easily.

Maintaining that it is human nature to access the nearest available resources, he appealed to the Forest department and the deputy commissioner to identify and classify areas such as reserved forests, protected forests, etc. and restrict human activities in such areas as per relevant laws.

He thanked Minister Nemcha Kipgen, Forest department and local bodies for organising such a plantation drive and added that it needs involvement from all sections of people. 


He further expressed satisfaction over the mass support from almost all the communities of the state on the government’s War on Drugs Campaign. It is with the support of the people, the state government is marching towards completely uprooting drug menace and stopping poppy plantations in the state.  He categorically stated that he is not against any specific community, and added that he is against deforestation, corruption, poppy plantation and drug trafficking.

The mass plantation drive was attended by ministers L Sushindro Meitei, Nemcha Kipgen, Th Basantakumar Singh; MLAs K Robindro Singh, L Rameshwor Meitei, Kimneo Haokip Hangshing; PCCF and HoFF, government of Manipur AK Joshi, additional chief secretary MH Khan among others.  



First published:28 May 2022, 5:57 pm


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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