Home inmates beaten black and blue; one-sided enquiry report submitted by DCPO Ukhrul

Two inmates of Ningrin Club, Destitute Home of Ukhrul were allegedly beaten by senior inmates on the intervening night of April 9 and 10 and they were beaten again by the housekeeper on April 10

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Updated 20 Apr 2022, 4:32 pm

Representational Image (Photo: Unsplash)
Representational Image (Photo: Unsplash)


Two inmates of Ningrin Club, Destitute Home of Ukhrul were allegedly beaten black and blue by senior inmates on the intervening night of April 9 and 10. Following the incident, District Child Protection Officer (DCPO), Ukhrul conducted an enquiry but the enquiry report was claimed to be unsatisfactory and one-sided.

Manipur Commission for Protection of Child Rights (MCPCR) member Megharaj said that the Child Welfare Committee, Ukhrul (CWCU) had issued urgent notice directing the DCPO Ukhrul to conduct an immediate enquiry and submit a detailed report about the incident on April 10. Meanwhile, a team of MCPCR and CWC Ukhrul visited the Home.

According to the field visit report, the inmates were beaten by senior inmates on the intervening night of April 9 and 10 and they were beaten again by the housekeeper on April 10 (morning). However, the enquiry report of DCPO has not mentioned about the morning beating incident.

The enquiry was done on the victim inmates, between inmates but it missed enquiry against the home management system as to how the Home is running or functioning, what is neglected by management and staff, whether the Home is following rules and regulation or guidelines of running the Home, said Megharaj.

As per the enquiry report, the unfortunate incident took place when some minor inmates went out of the campus secretly during the night on April 9 and two inmates sniffed petrol fumes under the influence of one person, supposed to be a minor himself and who happened to live in the vicinity of Children Home and whom the inmates came into contact recently.


As per the report, the senior inmates found the junior inmates somewhat intoxicated, stubborn, non-cooperative, and the senior inmates, being teenagers themselves, got irritated at the junior’s state of behaviour and canned them, taking law into their hands.

All this while, the housekeeper of the Home was unwell and had no knowledge of the entire incident. However, when he was informed of the event, he also beat the junior inmates in the morning (April 10) but not very harshly, which the junior inmates acknowledged, as per the enquiry report.

Meanwhile, Megharaj said that the report of the DCPO Ukhrul is one-sided as the inquiry has been done against the victim and not on the negligence of home management and staff. The report comes upon inmates that young inmates are delinquent. Even the complaint has been lodged by the victim’s family but no FIR registered against the home, he added.

“The inquiry has been done on the true and false of fighting”, said Megharaj.

Speaking to chairperson of CWC Ukhrul, Leisan C said that the DCPO enquiry report is not authenticated and it’s totally based on who is fighting. The responsibility of the incident should be the Home, not the inmates. Functioning of the home and caring of inmates should be enquired and an unexpected, unsatisfied enquiry report has been submitted by the DCPO, he said.

Leisan said that CWC members and MCPCR members met additional SP of Ukhrul regarding the incident and pressured them to register FIR against the home management and staff, but they are yet to take up the FIR.

The Home has been directed to transfer the victim inmates to Imphal-based home, he added.


Regarding the incident, chairperson of MCPCR Manibabu said that the incident took place due to negligence of the home.

While talking to him, at first call MCPCR chairperson did not have any knowledge of the enquiry report. He said that a team of MCPCR were visited and yet to get enquiry report.

The Ukhrul District Alliance for Child Rights (UDACR) has also condemned the ghastly act and persons responsible for beating inmates.

The condemnation letter stated that the act of cruelty to children specially who are already considered as children in need of care and protection is a very bitter experience and should be addressed according to the law of the land keeping the best interest of children. The existing child safety and protection mechanism of the state should also take their responsibility seriously so that such kind of inhuman incident does not happen again in the future, it stated.

UDACR also urged the management of the Children Home to adhere zero tolerance policy towards corporal punishment and not to use any kind of corporal punishment, physical or mental harassment to the children of the CCI and further appealed to resolve the matter through the mandates of Juvenile Justice Act particularly the section 82 which prohibits the corporal punishment in the CCI in the best interest of the children.

UDACR further appealed to the concerned authorities that the absence of observation homes in the district makes it all the more difficult to address such children who are involved in activities that are in conflict with law.



First published:20 Apr 2022, 4:32 pm


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