Heroin seized, VDF personnel among three arrested

As many as 11 vials containing suspected heroin powder were seized from the three arrested for drug trafficking in Imphal East.

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Updated 30 Jun 2022, 2:33 am

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Three drug peddlers, including a VDF personnel, were arrested from Langdum Junior High School, Imphal East district while 11 vials of suspected heroin powder were seized on Monday, sources said.

The arrest was made by by two teams of special commando unit, Khabeisoi assisted by Iribung police station and two local clubs.

The arrested persons have been identified as one Md Singamayum Imran Khan, 22, son of Md Jakir Hussain of Urup Awang Leikai; Irengbam Kanta Singh, 29, son of Irengbam Kesho Singh of Chanam Santrok and Waikhom Levis Singh, 30, son of W Angou Singh of Chanam Santrok.


The commando unit, Khabeisoi led by its officer-in-charge, subedar L Bebekananda along with a team of Irilbung police station led by sub-inspector RK Chingkhul Bonang supported by members of United Youth Organisation, Langdum (Uyol) and Liberal Integrated Youth of Langdum detained the three drug peddlers at Langdum Junior High School, Imphal East during an anti-drug drive at around 9.30 pm of Monday.

On verification, they provided their identifications and on examination, 11 vials containing suspected heroin powder were detected from them.

On further questioning, one of them disclosed that Irengbam Kanta is a VDF personnel. Four mobile phones and three 2-wheelers along with the suspected heroin powder were also seized from their possession.

The arrested persons along with the seized items have been taken to Irilbung police station for further necessary legal action.

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First published:28 Jun 2022, 3:54 pm


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur


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