Governor, chief minister extend Nupi Lal Day wishes to people of Manipur

Nupi Lal is undeniably the most important movement of the Manipuri women in the colonial era, CM Biren stated in his message.

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Updated on 11 Dec 2021, 4:45 pm

(PHOTO: Twitter)

(PHOTO: Twitter)


Manipur Governor La Ganesan, Chief Minister Biren Singh, Speaker Yumnam Khemchand Singh and Works Minister Th Biswajit Singh have extended their best wishes to the people of Manipur on the occasion of Nupi Lal Day which falls on Sunday.

In his message, the governor stated that it is quite befitting to remember those large numbers of Manipuri women who fought against the oppressive economic and administrative policies of Manipur Maharaja and the then British government in Manipur in the year 1939. They stormed the State Durbar Office demanding immediate stoppage of rice export, in which around 21 women were injured on December 12, 1939, he stated.  

The day is remembered as Nupi (Women) Lal (War) Numit (Day). It is, indeed, an event of great significance in the history of the state, he mentioned. The revolt of women against the monopolistic administration signifies the importance of women in the state and their role in the society.

“I appeal to the people of Manipur to follow the path of these brave Manipuri mothers who stood up against injustice and fought for their rights for a prosperous and peaceful state,” he stated.  

CM Biren stated that on the occasion of Nupi Lal Numit, he joined the people of Manipur in paying tribute to the brave Imas (mothers) of Manipur who fought against the exploitative socio-economic and political system of the British colonial rule.

Nupi Lal is undeniably the most important movement of the Manipuri women in the colonial era, he stated in his message. The agitation witnessed the courage and leadership of Manipuri women. “Even today, our womenfolk take the lead on various issues and have been bringing socio-political reforms in our State. We are fortunate that these are pages in our history wherefrom we can draw inspiration and pride," he added.

Speaker Manipur Legislative Assembly Yumnam Khemchand Singh also paid tributes in connection with Nupi Lal Day.

In his message, Khemchand said that womenfolk in Manipur have been taking an active role in shaping the history of Manipur politically, socially and economically. Nupi Lal or Women's War was fought at two crucial periods in Manipur in 1904 and 1933 against the British administration. To commemorate the valour and courage, the womenfolk of Manipur possess in shaping the history of the state, December 12 has been dedicated in their memory as Nupi Lal Day, he added.

"I, on this occasion, pay heartiest tributes to those Manipuri Women who fought in the two Nupi Lal; the sacrifice that made us live with dignity," he added. 

Works Minister Th Biswajit Singh stated that Nupi Lal Numit is observed every year on December 12, remembering the brave Imas who revolted against the export of rice which had triggered an artificial famine in the state in December 1939. The day occupies a unique place in the history of the state as the courage, sacrifice and patriotism of the Manipuri women came to the fore, he added.

“Our tribute to our brave Imas would be more meaningful, if, on this day, we pledge to encourage and empower our girl child to fulfill their dreams and aspirations,” he added.  

First published:11 Dec 2021, 3:50 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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