Government's failure to follow security protocol led to outburst of violence: Women's groups

The government must dispense every resource necessary to restore peace and tranquillity in the state, said women organisations.

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Updated 12 May 2023, 9:54 am

(Representational Image: Pixabay)
(Representational Image: Pixabay)

Porei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba Manipur (PLMPAM) and the All Manipur Women's Voluntary Association (AMAWOVA) on Thursday alleged that the Manipur government's failure to follow proper security protocol led to the outburst of ethnic violence in the state.

Assessing the current situation, both the women's group demanded authorities concerned to rein in the
SoO militants involved in the clash back to their designated camps.

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Speaking to media at Poirei Leimarol office, Imphal president of Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba
Lup ema Memchoubi stated that the incident on May 3 was the outburst of long accumulated
disagreements and ethnocentric ideologies.


She expressed suspicion that drug cartels in the state might have instigated the incident to keep
their control in the state's politics and governance.

“The cartels may be using their powers to destabilize the state and keep drug operations running
without any intervention,” she said.

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She further added that the failure of the Assam Rifles to take lethal actions against Kuki militants had
contributed to the spread of the whole debacle.

“The people are suspicious of the Assam Rifles aiding the militants instead of innocent civilians. If that is the case, then we want the Assam Rifles to be removed from security details of the conflict,” she


Ema Memchoubi also stated that the government must dispense every resource necessary to
restore peace and tranquillity in the state.

Meanwhile, AMAWOVA president reiterated that failure of state government to follow
precautionary security measures and order state forces at Churachandpur to control the violent mob
led to the state wide ethnic clash.

She urged the people not to fall for divisive ideologies and collectively stop its spread. She also
continued those authorities concerned must utilize every resource necessary to aid displaced
civilians of the state.



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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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