First ever free pre-recruitment training centre for Agniveer aspirants at Heirok

As many as 500 (200 boys and 300 girls) aspirants got enrolled in Agnipath Scheme training centre.

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated 4 Jul 2022, 4:51 am

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With the aim to contribute a maximum number of youths from Heirok constituency in the nation building under Agniparth Scheme, a free pre-recruitment training centre for the Agniveer aspirants was launched on Sunday for the youth of Heirok and Nongpok Sekmai in Thoubal district.

As many as 500 (200 boys and 300 girls) aspirants got enrolled in the training centre. They took up an awareness rally on Agnipath scheme from Heirok Part II Litan Lampak till Heirok Part III Ngarouthel Ground where the formal function of the launching programme was held.

It was organised by the Agnipath Scheme Pre-recruitment Training Management Committee, Heirok AC under the supervision of Heirok MLA Th Radheshyam.

Speaking to the media on the sideline of the function, MLA Radheshyam said the Agnipath scheme will encourage a sense of nationalism and patriotism to the youths ahead of developing their skills, spirit of teamwork, discipline and character.


Under the Agnipath scheme the young army, navy or air force aspirants will also have the opportunity to serve the country for four years and to even continue the services, he said, adding after the four year service the youths can continue their higher studies, apply for other jobs or start a business with the incentive received after four years.

Stating that the main motive of the training programme is “character building” of youths, he said such training programmes will also be very helpful to the youths while applying for other central forces jobs such CRPF, Assam Rifle, CISF, Railway Guards, BSF among others.

All the expenses of the training will be borne by the committee including the diet, the MLA said announcing that he will be donating his entire MLA’s salary for successful functioning of the training programme.

When questioned about objections to the schemes from various groups, Radheshyam replied, “It is just political propaganda. The scheme is actually a gateway for the youths to a better future.”

The recruitment process of the Agnipath Scheme for the youth of Manipur is scheduled in September at Rangapahar in Nagaland. However, a request has been made from the state to relocate the recruitment site to Manipur for the convenience of the youths, as per source.


In regards to it, Radheshyam said, “Even though the recruitment process is fixed at Rangapahar, I will arrange transportation and food for all the aspirants of my constituency.”

As knowing English and Hindi is mandatory to joint central forces, the MLA promised the aspirants of giving English and Hindi classes personally by him as a part of the training programme. “We are there to groom you in the best possible ways,” he said, wishing them good luck.

The training programme will be conducted by an NCC team along with various retired officers from Air Force, Navy and Army. Moreover, the commandant of STC, BSF Churachandpur H Subol, who attended the function as guest of honour, assured to provide training to the aspirants from the BSF side during the training programme.

The function was attended by retired lieutenant general LN Singh as chief guest along with other veterans and social workers.


First published:4 Jul 2022, 4:51 am


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Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur


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