Federation of Haomee demands results of ILP monitoring cell in Manipur

The Federation of Haomee stated that the native people of Manipur have not enjoyed the benefits to be given unlike the people of neighbouring northeast states.

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Updated 4 Sept 2021, 5:08 pm

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Welcoming the inauguration of the ILP monitoring cell by the state government, the Federation of Haomee, Manipur demanded the government to highlight the procedure of the monitoring cell and ways in identifying the native people of Manipur.

A release by Federation of Haomee president, Sapamcha Jadumani mentioned that the President of India has given his consent for implementation of Inner Line Permit system on November 11, 2019. The president’s consent was given 2 years ago but the government has not taken any steps in identifying the native people of the state.

In Clause number (7) of the Inner Line Permit system, the native people are not identified properly then how the indigenous people of Manipur can be identified, it added.

It stated that the native people of Manipur have not enjoyed the benefits to be given unlike the people of neighbouring northeast states including Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland where the ILP system is strictly maintained.


The state government must highlight the working procedure of the ILP system and how the monitoring cell is going to function. Besides, the cell should also monitor each and every person who enters the state illegally from Myanmar and Bangladesh, the release stated.

It further stated that in various places of the state including Jiribam, many Bangladeshi Muslims who were taking asylum among the people of the state had been detected and there might have been some other people who are still undetected. Apart from that, many people from Myanmar are also staying in the hilly regions of Manipur.

In this scenario, how the ILP monitoring cell is going to identify the consistent influx of migrants, it questioned.

During the movement for the implementation of the ILP system in Manipur, many people had sacrificed themselves and considering the efforts made, the state government should apply a full-fledged ILP system in Manipur, it added.


Demanding the state government to identify the list of native people of Manipur, it stated that the benefits of ILP system should be felicitated to the people and the government should take the necessary steps to avoid illegal entry of migrants in the state.

It also demanded that people from Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh who are staying in the state must be identified and made to return to their origins. It is necessary to cooperate with the people of the state while monitoring the outsiders and the Federation of Haomee believes that the state government will convert the demand into action for the welfare of the state, it added.



First published:4 Sept 2021, 5:08 pm


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