D Korunthang, Francis Ngajokpa join NPF ahead of polls

The Naga People's Front on Wednesday held a warm reception programme for D Korunthang, who quit as Congress MLA on Tuesday.

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Updated on 5 Jan 2022, 5:06 pm

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Former Congress MLA D Korunthang from Tengnoupal Assembly constituency, who resigned as party legislator on Tuesday, joined the Naga People's Front, Manipur unit on Wednesday, head of the state Assembly elections to be held soon.

Earlier former BJP member Francis Ngahokpa also joined the NPF, Manipur unit. Before joining the BJP, Ngajokpa was a member of the Manipur Legislative Assembly from Senapati's Tadubi constituency as an Indian National Congress.

Korungthang too was elected from Tengnoupal assembly constituency in 2017 as an Indian National Congress member.

Welcoming D Korunthang into the party fold, the Manipur Naga People's Front held a warm reception programme for him in Tengnoupal on Wednesday.

Following the resignation of Korunthang, K Meghajit, secretary of Manipur Legislative Assembly, declared the 42 Tengnoupal Assembly seat vacant.


First published:5 Jan 2022, 6:44 am


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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