Cultural performances mark Tribal Music, Dance and Craft Research Centre foundation day 2023

The 14th foundation day of the Tribal Music Dance and Craft Research Centre Tamei was held at Achanbigei Warok No 4, Koirengei in North Imphal.


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(Photo: NNN)
(Photo: NNN)


Colourful cultural dances and folk songs lit up the place as the Tribal Music, Dance and Craft Research Centre, Tamei celebrated its 14th foundation day on Monday at Achanbigei Warok No 4, Koirengei in North Imphal.

Manipur Minister for Water Resources and Disaster Management, Awangbou Newmai and president of Cultural Workers and Activists Forum (CWAF), Manipur, Budha Chingtham graced the occasion as chief guest and president of the function respectively.

Speaking at the occasion, the minister stressed the importance of culture and tradition. He expressed concern that the gap between the present generation and their culture/tradition is widening with time. He urged the gathering to be mindful of the trend.

Also speaking on the occasion, Budha Chingtham said only people of integrity and those committed campaigners can do justice to culture and tradition. He also stressed the need to work together with groups and communities to promote cultures.

Both the speakers lauded Guru Kentaliu Newmei who is behind the success story of the Tribal Music, Dance & Craft Research Centre.

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Meanwhile, Guru Kentaliu Newmei and her husband Professor Adibo Newmei spoke on how the former got the ‘Guru’ title. Kentaliu recalled the struggles she went through. She partly credited her husband for all these achievements.


It can be recalled that Newmai News Network had recently lauded Kentaliu Newmei in its report, saying that she is one of the votaries of culture who is doing appreciable jobs. Kentaliu does things by diligently navigating the labyrinth of issues and troubles, keeping the sensitive nature of the society in mind.

Born in 1964 at Nkou village of Tamei sub-division, Tamenglong district, Manipur, Kentaliu Newmei, a graduate from Manipur University, has been one of the steadfast votaries of ‘culture’.

Kentaliu has come a long way. She received the Guru title under Guru Shishya Parampara Scheme by North East Zone Cultural Centre (NEZCC-2019).

She was also awarded the state Kala Academy Award (2020) for ‘Tribal Culture’. Kentaliu has also written a book entitled ‘Tahlung’ which was published in 2018. It is a well researched book on Liangmai 'costumes and artifacts'.

Presently, Kentaliu is serving as the principal and dance instructor of Tribal Music, Dance & Craft Research Centre in Tamei.

Kentaliu has also produced the first Liangmai film called ‘Liangmai Lakpui’ in 2002. She has also produced two episodes of docu-feature on ‘The making of Liangmai warrior’ and ‘The eminent person’ (2003) for PPC(NE).

She has also produced programmes for DDK Imphal and DDK Kohima. Some of her notable works for TV are  'League of costume and dance’, ‘The busy bees of the hills’, ‘Indigenous fabric’, ‘Natki massannasing’, ‘Traditional lifestyle of Liangmai’, ‘The arbour life’, among others. She is also the founder and producer of Chun Chun Films.

Talking about her campaign and research to NNN, Kentaliu narrated how hard it is to engage people on the issue. She said that stultifying effects need to be created so that those people travestying genuine cultures are subdued. In order to do that, intense campaigns and in depth research are necessary.

Talking about the specifics, Kentaliu cited an instance and said that ‘identifying’ traditional attires which are mentioned in folk songs has become a herculean challenge for modern researchers. She also pointed out so many areas where she continues to find it quite challenging. She said that there are rooms for the ‘purpose’ to get diluted if things are not taken care of well.


Kentaliu then said that the present generation needs to be informed and conscious of their cultures since there is already a nearby storm out there. Concerted awareness campaigns on the adverse effects of this ‘storm’ and consciousness of these adverse effects should impel the present generation to focus on the ‘purpose’, she added.

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