CS for Manipuri language while filing FIR

Manipur Chief secretary Vineet Joshi has raised the need for introducing Manipuri language while filing FIRs to facilitate the people in communicating their complaints and grievances.

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Updated 21 Jun 2024, 9:33 am


Manipur Chief secretary Vineet Joshi has raised the need for introducing Manipuri language while filing FIRs to facilitate the people in communicating their complaints and grievances and avoid misinterpretation.

The chief secretary put up the concern while speaking at Sangai Hall of Hotel Imphal on Thursday in a seminar cum training programme of Master Trainers of three new Criminal laws.

The seminar cum training was organised by the Law and Legislative Affairs department, government of Manipur.

Vineet Joshi further urged those concerned to ensure that the language of the public is used while communicating with them so as to avoid common misinterpretation.

Speaking about the new three criminal laws, he said that the three new laws, namely, the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, the Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita and the Bharatiya Sakshya Adhiniyam enacted by the Parliament, which will come into force on July 1, 2024, are made for removing the archaic laws which were made by British government in colonial period.


“Enactment of new Criminal laws into the form of proper justice to individuals is a big change for New India”, Vineet said, adding that through the three laws, the government of India has tried to give justice to its citizens.

Vineet also mentioned that the media has a critical role in disseminating information on the three new Criminal laws to the public.

The chief secretary called for extra initiatives in ensuring that only the right and correct information reaches each and every individual of the state.

“It was more than centuries old laws that were enacted into our own criminal laws”, Director General of Police of Manipur, Rajiv Singh said, adding that the new laws will bring major change in Indian criminal justice system.

He also mentioned that the new laws are safer, fostering police accountability to safeguard individual rights.

“In this present context of Manipur, more than 11,000 Zero FIRs have been lodged and such new laws without jurisdiction of FIR will help in timely intervention”, said Rajiv.


He appealed to the public for their support and cooperation in ensuring effective implementation of the system.

The event was also attended by Justice Kh Nobin Singh (Retd.), director, Manipur Judicial Academy; Ch Momon Singh, assistant professor, LMS Law College, DMU and Nungshitombi Athokpam, commissioner (Law), Government of Manipur, lawyers and police officials.

In the second session, a presentation of paper on three new Criminal Laws with more emphasis on “Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita, 2023” was given by resource person Ch Momon Singh, Assistant Professor, LMS Law College, DMU. Another presentation of paper on three new Criminal Laws, its perspective, roles, function and responsibilities of stakeholders etc., was made by resource person Justice Kh Nobin Singh,High Court of Manipur.

The session also witnessed a powerpoint presentation by Suzane Thingbaijam, deputy secretary (Law), government of Manipur.

In the third session, an interaction programme was held with Justice Kh Nobin Singh and Ch Momon Singh, as moderator wherein Justice Kh Nobin ended the programme by announcing recommendations.


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