Condemnations against Nagaland violence continue to pour in; demand for repeal of AFSPA gets louder

AFSPA, which has been used as an object of hate and oppression by the security forces, should be repealed without further justification, ATSUM stated in a release.

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Updated 6 Dec 2021, 8:38 pm

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Several organisations from all sections expressed vehement condemnations on Monday against the killing of 13 civilians by the Indian Armed forces in a botched operation carried out at Oting village in Mon district, Nagaland on Saturday.

The Naga Scholars' Association (NSA) expressed that it is deeply grieved and outraged by the barbaric act committed by the Indian Special Force, the 21 Para Commando, which resulted in the massacre. The association strongly condemns this heinous crime which has trampled on the dignity, respect, and honour of the Naga people, NSA stated in a release. The callous strategy of viewing the region within a military framework by disregarding the democratic and peaceful processes of engagement and understanding, has not only often led to the loss of many precious lives, property, and dignity but also paved the way for the intensification of the conflict, NSA stated.

The Indian armed forces, operating under the auspices of the Armed Forces Special Powers Acts (AFSPA) has yet again orchestrated its belligerent treatment upon the Naga people, with the Indian Parliament granting legal impunity for all of their horrific deeds since 1958, it stated. The killing spree on the pretext of maintaining public order, based on a suspected case of ‘mistaken identity’ is ironic and plainly contradicts the stand to protect the people, it stated.

“The Nagas have already endured enough suffering under the armed forces' stringent and draconian power. We, the Naga Scholars' Association, demand that AFSPA be immediately repealed,” it added.

It stated that to delay the implementation of the appropriate legal conduct of code is a betrayal of the already fragile trust of the Nagas. NSA demands immediate action against the security personnel involved in the violent inhuman killings and that justice is swiftly delivered, it further stated.

In solidarity with the Konyak Community, NSA appeals to all the Nagas to remain strong, fortitude, and dignified in such turbulent and tested times, it added.


The Naga Women’s Union (NWU) strongly condemned the incident, stating that the barbaric act of Indian armed forces is a blatant violation of basic human rights.

The Indian security forces, citing as an intelligence failure is a lame excuse and in no way justified, NWU stated in a release. Such a draconian act should not be tolerated at any cost, it stated.

The Union demands the government of India to investigate thoroughly and give befitting punishment of immediate suspension of the unit commanding officer and those personnel responsible for such heinous crime.

The NWU shared the grief of the bereaved families and offered prayers for the departed souls to rest in peace. The NWU also prays for the speedy recovery of those injured at the unfortunate incident, it added.

The National Socialist Women’s Organisation of Nagalim (NSWON) expressed that it is deeply grieved by the killing of innocent daily wage labourers. “What is more shocking to our conscience is the pretext given by the Indian security forces that the killing took place because of mistaken identity. What a shameless defence when there is not even one piece of indication that they could present to prove that the labourers are insurgents or NSCN in their eyes. No doubt, it appears to be a pre-predetermined massacre carried away by anti-Naga hostility,” NSWON stated in a release.

NSWON condemn the Oting killing by the Assam Rifles in the strongest term as it is against humanity and violation of human rights, it stated. “We stand in solidarity with the people of Konyak community in general and the bereaved families in particular as we join to mourn the death of innocent Naga brethren in the hands of senseless Indian security forces,” it stated.

NSWON also condemned union home minister Amit Shah in Parliament for defending the killers. “He put the blame upon the innocent villager for not stopping the vehicle when signal was given. We are constrained to condemn this irresponsible statement,” it added.

The All Tribal Students' Union Manipur (ATSUM) also condemns the incident, stating that the brutal act of the security forces revealed the heinous agenda of the Indian government to continue suppression and militarisation of the peace loving people of the Northeastern states under the imposed inhuman Act of AFSPA.

This monstrous act of Indian Armed Forces echoes waves of fear across people of Northeast as memories of killing, rape and torture is still fresh, lingering in the minds of people, ATSUM stated in a release. While recalling how many innocent civilian lives have been lost due to this brute colonial law, ATSUM is apprehensive that tragedy and reprehension will continue to exist unless AFSPA is completely repealed from the entire NE states of India, it stated. Therefore, AFSPA, which has been used as an object of hate and oppression by the security forces, should be repealed without further justification, it stated.


“At this sorrowful time, ATSUM shares the grief and pain of Naga people. ATSUM extended heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and prayed for speedy recovery of the injured individuals,” it added. 

The Chandel Naga People's Organisation (CNPO), Naga Women Union Chandel (NWUC), Naga Students' Union Chandel (NSUC), Naga Chief Association Chandel (NCAC) Chandel District Christian Forum (CDCF) also condemn the killing in strongest terms and condemns the incident as most unfortunate, heinous, and violation of human rights.

Many tribe leaders and student bodies also issued press statements expressing their pain and condolences. Anal Naga Tangpi (Anal Naga Union), Sirti Upa Ruh (Monsang Tribe Union), Bujuur Aanchung Puh (Moyon National Council), Lamkang Kurchuknao Kunpun (LKK) Anal Lenruwl Tangpi (Anal Students' Union), Maring Students' Union (MSU), Sirti Thiimjiitam Sourkhe (STS), Thiimziih Teen Bujuur Ruwrkheh (TTBR) among others condemned in the highest degree.

Candle-light vigil and prayer session was observed on Sunday evening at Japhou Bazar, Chandel district headquarters at 7 pm under the initiative of Naga Students Union Chandel (NSUC) to express collective solidarity with the bereaved members of the deceased souls.

In pursuance to the call of the Naga Students' Federation (NSF), a six-hour total bandh was enforced on Monday by NSUC and its federating units in Chandel district effectively.

The total shutdown in solidarity to the Naga brothers was also imposed in Tamenglong district headquarters. 

All shops and markets, schools, government offices, institutions were totally closed by the Students Joint Tribe Association under the banner of All Naga Students Association. 

Speaking to the Imphal Free Press, bandh volunteers of Gaijinlung Riamei said that the indiscriminate killing of Naga brothers by the security forces was unfortunate.  The total shutdown is to register as condemnation against the killing by Assam Rifles, he added. 


First published:6 Dec 2021, 5:15 pm


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IFP Bureau

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