CM Biren moots construction of ring-road surrounding Loktak Lake

The present Manipur government is formed with public mandate and the works taken up by the government is for the welfare and well-being of the whole people of Manipur, CM Biren said.

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Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh on Wednesday mooted the construction of a ring-road along the surrounding of the Loktak Lake as a means to attract tourists and also prevent illegal encroachers.

He was delivering his speech during the ranching programme for rejuvenation of Pengba (state fish of Manipur) in the Loktak Lake and distribution of inputs (cage net and fish feed) to the fish farmers held at Sendra, Bishnupur district.

It was organised by ICAR-Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Barrackpore in collaboration with the Fisheries department and Loktak Development Authority (LDA).

Concerning the restriction of government functionaries from taking up welfare projects in some hills of the state and part of Loktak Lake by some vested interest groups, Biren said, "People should not forget that there is a government."

The present Manipur government is formed with public mandate and the works taken up by the government is for the welfare and well-being of the whole people of Manipur, he said, calling on the public to not interfere with the government while performing their duties.


Highlighting the Loktak Livelihood Mission which was initiated in 2018 to clean up the swampy areas of the lake and encourage the "cage and pen culture," he informed that only Rs 2.5 crore has been utilised of the total sanction of Rs 15 crore.

Regarding the various welfare projects taken up in and periphery of the Loktak lake, the chief minister said that such projects will not affect the indigenous life of the fishers and the biodiversity of the lake.

The government will abide by the rules and law given by the Indian Constitution, he said, appealing to the Loktak Lake community to extend their full cooperation and support to the government in implementing developmental and welfare projects.

Of the 54 species of fishes available in the state, 19 are in the extinct list today, he said, explaining that water pollution and lack of ranching process is the main reason for such extinction.

A total of one lakh fingerlings of Pengba were released at the lake during Wednesday's ranching programme and a total of one crore fingerlings will be released in the month of May, informed the chief minister.

Stating that revival of Pengba, which is in the verse of extinction, will not be possible without the public support or unless there is public contribution and support, he apprised the people to stop the habit of throwing garbage into rivers, which is one of the main factors of water pollution.

"I termed such people, who throw garbage at rivers, as educated-illiterate," he added.


Biren also appealed to the fishers to not fish out the fingerlings and to stop using electrofishing culture which is banned. 

The chief minister also expressed his concern on the large-scale deforestation in various hills for poppy cultivation and encroaching of reserved forest land.

"If we do not take up the challenges to preserve the forest our future will be in peril," the CM said and informed that the government has identified three individuals who were involved in illegally modifying the map of Wathou reserve forest and issuing land documents. Action will be initiated against the three culprits, he said.

"The true colour of all the politicians and police officers will come out in this five years term of the government as we are moving with a mission and dedication to root out all evil works from the state," added Biren.

The function was also attended by Fisheries Minister H Dingo; MLA T Robindro, T Shanti, L Rameshwore, K Robimdro, LDA chairam M Asnikumar, director of ICAR-CIFRI, Barrackpore BK Das among other.



First published:11 May 2022, 1:28 pm


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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