Children Book Festival: Sigh of relief for kids

The third day of the 2nd edition of the Children’s Book Festival saw the formal release of the children’s book ‘Ting Ting Chaoro’, a collection of age-old Manipuri nursery rhymes and lullabies compiled by Pa Thawan and Sapam Sweetie.

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As the high pitch protest rally faded into the distance on a rather eventful Sunday evening; the third day of the Children’s Book Festival at Books and Coffee shop, Imphal continued to nurture innocence and curiosity of young children veiled from the madding turmoil in Manipur.

Children along with their wards flocked the 2nd edition of the festival which was started by Books and Coffee back in 2022.

The third day of the festival saw the formal release of the children’s book ‘Ting Ting Chaoro’, a collection of age-old Manipuri nursery rhymes and lullabies compiled by Pa Thawan and Sapam Sweetie.

The 2nd edition of the festival officially started from 28 June and will continue till July 4, 2024.

Speaking to Imphal Free Press, Books and Coffee proprietor Beeshantum Yumnam suggested that library and playground could aid in inculcating core ideal values and principles rooted in social and cultural morales.

“I believe libraries and playgrounds are two of the most important assests for posterity. Inculcating good reading habits and promoting physical movement will greatly benefit the children,” he said.

However, he expressed discontentment over the intentional shrinkage of playgrounds within Imphal town in the name of “development” and maintained that more sustainable solutions needed to be explored within this aspect.


He highlighted that the festival had been organised in light of the traumas that has affected the young children amid the violence.

“The turmoil is never ending and it is even harder on the kids. Moreover, their inclination to digital technologies is spiking and as such, the festival has been intentionally organised to break this chain and inculcate good habits among children,” he said.

He noted that reading was deeply personal experience which nourished the physical, mental and social aspects of individuals.

Exposing them to reading can greatly develop their creative and imaginative powers, he added.

He stated that the innocence and curiosity of must guided away from toxic extreme ideals.

“As such, I humbly urge parents to visit the festival with their kids and soak in the ambience of the festival while inculcating good habits and discipline in their children,” he added.

Meanwhile, prominent artiste and poet Pa Thawan highlighted that altogether 11 different ‘Naoshum Eshei’ (Lullabies), ‘Naothum Esei’ and ‘Shaana Eshei’ (nursery rhymes) were included in the book.

“The dominance of English rhymes in children book curriculum has greatly impeded the knowledge about our indigenous rhymes and lullabies among the younger generation,” he said.

He stated that such impeachment during early stages of a child greatly inhibited cultural attachment in later stages.


He pointed that ‘Kekru’ had taken a major turnaround from publishing poetry books to now, children books and maintained that a second book was in the pipeline which would be a collection of folk songs and other indigenous songs.

“The significance of the Manipuri language has greatly decreased. I believe the book will serve purpose in rejuvenating the tone and essence our language,” he said.

He stated that pushing development in the mother tongue could also aid in evoking the true essence of patriotism and humanism from an early age.

Thawan also noted that works were underway to approach BOSEM for inclusion of the books in all state board affiliated schools.

“For now, few franchise kindergartens have started introducing the book in their syllabus,” he said.
Noted poet and writer Arambam Memchoubi also spoke on the development of Manipuri children book literature and how it had changed over the years.

Siyom ensemble also performed various numbers which are reimaginations of folk songs, lullabies and rhymes during the event.

The following days of the festivals will present diverse performances and reading sessions prominent artiste and writers from Manipur.

Carefully curated children literature and other books are on display at discounted rates.


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