'Black September observed to remind government of its failure’

Black September: A series of demonstrations and conventions to be conducted from September 3 till 21.

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Updated 3 Sept 2023, 3:47 am

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Phambei on Saturday condemned the total failure of the state mechanism to rein in the crisis even after four months and stated that Black September had been organised to remind them of their failure.

The platform stated that a series of demonstrations and conventions would be organised during the observance which starts from September 3 till 21.

Speaking to media in Imphal, Phambei spokesperson Ningthouja Lancha pointed out the significance of the Black September observance and stated that the start and end of the observance were specifically chosen to mark a dark chapter in the history of Manipur.

“September 3 marks the fourth month since the start of the crisis, that is four months in which the government failed to restore peace in the state and Repentance Day falls on September 21 which marks the day on which the first injustice against people of Manipur were committed by outside forces,” he said.


He stated that since the start of the crisis, basic internet facilities among other rights of the people had been snatched by the authorities in the name of security. That is four long months of inconvenience while segments of people have been confined to certain areas without any freedom of movement during that entire period, he added.

He further said that the threats and intimidation of people by slapping legal notices and sending security personnel only added to the woes of the people and made them question the state of the present government.

“The people are confused as to what system of governance we are currently under; is it military rule, a police state or still a democratic state? Violating people’s rights during such trying times might eventually turn the people against the system,” he said.

He stated that September 21 had been chosen in connection with such a violation as it was on September 21, 1949, that the independent country of Manipur was allegedly merged forcefully with the Indian union.

As such, he sought the support of the public in observing Black September throughout the entire duration and urged people to hoist black flags on September 3 across all establishments, educational institutions, official departments and clubs to show condemnation of authorities’ failure to rein in the crisis and demand the swift resolve of the situation.


He also highlighted that tributes would be paid to the martyrs who passed away in the crisis on September 3 evening.

He further stated that various consultative meetings and conventions would be organised during the observance to build a collective front across all spheres of society.

“Phambei is not a group but an open platform for like-minded individuals to express and unite for the common good,” he said.

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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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